Numb3rs S01, Ep03 – Vector

Show: Numb3rs
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: Vector
Original Air Date: February 4, 2005

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Favorite Quotes:

* Don: You like her for this?
Terry: I find the idea of a medical hero interesting.

* Charlie: How do you forgive yourself if you’re wrong?
Don: You don’t. You can’t be wrong.

* Larry: My answer to you is still the same. Go back to the data.

* Charlie: Be careful, it’s flu season.
Alan: Don’t worry about me, I never get the flu.

* Don: I know how your mind works. I think your works pretty well. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Synopsis: A mother is driving her three sons to school. Her oldest says he doesn’t feel well and he looks ill. In another home a man talks to his wife who also sounds sick. The mother checks on her son and he clearly has a fever. In th other home the woman collapses. Two coworkers sit on a bench, one is coughing and seems to pass out on the bench. The CDC is brought in. Don and Terry meet with the CDC. So far over 30 are sick and 6 have died. The CDC brings in Charlie. They are informed the teenage boy from the car has died and now his mother is showing signs of the illness too. Back at the FBI Don and the CDC brief the team. Charlie informs them that they need more data to figure out where it started and how it will spread. Don and his team try to determine motive. Charlie maps the infected people. CDC brings in 11 more sets of victim information. With the new information the starting point is Union Station. The bug is the Pandemic Flu, the Spanish Flu. Terry and Charlie give the stats on this flu and it’s not good. Charlie and Don try to stop Alan from going down town. Back at the FBI Terry finds a lab in LA who is working with this flu strain. They are trying to develop a vaccine for it. Only three people in that lab have access. The two subordinates are quite odd. Charlie asks Larry for help. Charlie determines that the real location of the release is the downtown main bus terminal. The model based on this incorporates more of the cases. Cases in the north are much more deadly than the ones in the south. There are two different viruses. Don receives a video call from CDC and the two strains are confirmed. Each virus came from a different lab. They start tracking the buses to find more people who need help. Back at the house Charlie is upset that Alan went downtown. Alan tells him he’s proud of him. The CDC is going to try and use the less virulent virus to develop a vaccine and also therapies. Charlie does an analysis that gives the CDC doctor hope. Geno Labs also brings in 5 slides of the 5 known strains. They start to zoom in on Walsh. He worked at both labs that had strains. He admits to transporting a sample of the Russell Labs virus from his old employers to his new one. Charlie is at the hospital checking on the patients. They are responding to the treatment that Charlie helped find. At the FBI they learned that Russell Labs got the contract. David gets a call about security tapes from the bus depot. It wasn’t Walsh on the bus, it was Weaver. They begin to hunt for him. They find him at a church. He went to light candles for those that died because he released it. At the house the three talk.

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