Ghost Mine S02, Ep06 – Mystery Train

Show: Ghost Mine
Season: 2
Episode: 6
Title: Mystery Train
Original Air Date: October 13, 1013

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Favorite Quotes:

* Kristen: We keep being led to the same area and I think that’s probably more than a coincidence.

* Patrick: Maybe we are dealing with more than one entity.

* Patrick: Are you one of the dead that was transported on the train?
(door opens)
Kristen: Ohh!!

* Graybeard: I want meat.
Jamol: You might joke but at your age you need some vegetables and vitamins.

* Kati, Jay’s Wife: So everything seems to be tied to the Crescent?

* Kristen: It does just prove the point that the paranormal activity goes farther than the mine.

* Greybeard: Hey Stan! We’ve got a problem out here!

* Eddie (about the fire): If that blocks the road we’re done.

Synopsis: Kristen and Patrick continue their hunt for the trespasser in the woods above the mine. They get photos of some shadowy images. Kristen conducts an EVP session. The miners are gathered around their campfire discussing Jamol’s cooking. Stan informs them that the security guard has quit. Back in the mine they continue to blast up. They begin building a platform in the raise. Patrick and Kristen are in their shack going through all the evidence. One of the recordings is a train whistle but they don’t recall hearing a train. The pair goes to the train depot to check in on the train schedule. What they learn is that trains only run on the weekend and no trains were running when the whistle was recorded. The trains were used to move everything from lumber and ore to injured mine workers. The two decide to ride the train to the next stop and also to investigate the train. Night falls and their investigate begins of the trains and the yard. As Patrick uses the thermal cam on a train car he sees a heat signature move in it. Kristen yells out to get a response from any humans who might be there. They race over to the car to determine if it was a person or a ghost. Nothing is found on the train car. Kristen does an EVP session. They halt their investigation at the sound of the train whistle. They hop on the train for a ride back to Sumpter. However, they continue their investigation on the train they are riding on. Kristen notices that the door to their train car swung open all the way and closes it. The door swings open again minutes later. An investigation is done on the door now. They near Sumpter and pack up. The next day, back at the mine, work continues. Jamol makes a garden on the roof of the cook shack. Mikey and Bucket build another platform. Mikey hears something and points out that the temperature has dropped. Kristen and Patrick update the map they are using to track the paranormal activity. In town Jay’s son is visiting with his mom while on spring break. Jay’s son Ashton capture some paranormal activity on video. Kristen is not sure what Ashton was able to catch. They decide to do a recreation of the event with Ashton’s help, as well as to do an investigation. The previous owners are contacted and come in to do an interview. The location has had paranormal activity for quite some time. They set up their equipment and get to work. Kristen and Patrick conduct an EVP session. Something clatters, and Kristen finds pool sticks on the ground. She asks “Have you ever heard of the Crescent Mine?” Suddenly, on Patrick’s thermal camera there is a heat signature that makes no sense. As he tries speaking to the woman who lost her husband, one of the motion detectors goes off. After that they conclude the investigation at the Saloon. The next day they start going over evidence from the train and saloon. Patrick shows Kristen something from the full spectrum camera that surprises her. In the mine the latest blast has released some valuable ore. The miners head to town to see their families and everyone meets. Kristen and Patrick first discuss the trespasser. The picture impresses the group. Next they play the steam whistle EVP. Kristen tells a short version of the history of the trains. The thermal of a person in the train car is shown. Next video of the door opening is shown. Then Ashton’s video footage of the strange gray shape is shown. Patrick shows the footage of the chair that looks like someone was sitting in it. Also, the footage from the other room is show. A figure is seen walking across the room blocking light as it moves. Jay and Eddie’s wife seem most touched by what’s going on. They’ve now got a better understanding of what their husbands deal with working at this mine. Greybeard alerts everyone to a major problem. There is a fire nearby. It’s coming towards the mine.

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