The Golden Girls S01, Ep15 – In A Bed of Rose’s

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 15
Title: In A Bed of Rose’s
Original Air Date: January 11, 1986

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Favorite Quotes:

* Blanche: Isn’t it interesting how the sounds are the same for awful nightmares and great sex?

* Blanche: So Rose got lucky.
Sophia: Not so lucky. The man in your bed is dead.

* Rose: He’s shy. He’s very shy.
Blanche: He didn’t sound so shy last night.

* Sophia: You don’t think I can recognize death? I lived in a retirement home. Death visited more often than children.

* Rose: You mean I slept with a dead man last night?
Blanche: Honey, I sleep with them all the time.

* Rose: I can’t believe it, there’s a married dead man in my bed.
Sophia: Serves him right.

* Sophia: Tell her you went to turn on the sprinklers and you found him on the lawn.

* Rose: That’s not why I’m here. I have bad news.
Mrs. Beatty: Well, you couldn’t be pregnant.

* Rose: My late husband had a heart attack as well. They drop like flies around me.

* Rose: I’m the kiss of death. It’s the second time a man has died in my bed.

* Sophia: She’ll be fine. If someone breaks in she’ll just have to sleep with them.

Synopsis: Rose is at the door with her current boyfriend. He begs to “come in.” She weakens and lets him in. Rose decides to take him to her room. The next morning, she happily goes in the kitchen. Dorothy was worried she was having a nightmare, while Blanche thought she was having great sex. Blanche then leads a discussion on great sex. Sophia enters. She tells Rose there’s a man in her bed. The two tease her for lying about having sex. She tells Rose the man in her bed his dead. No one wants to check on him. Finally, Dorothy decides to check on him and Sophia has to accompany her. Sophia and Dorothy confirm he is dead. Rose is shocked and freaks out. Dorothy tries to comfort her. Blanche then tells her how she was notified of her husband’s death. Now she has to notify his sister of her brother’s death. Blanche finds a Beatty in Boca Raton. Rose calls her but learns that Al (the dead man) was married and cheating with her. She freaks out again. So Rose decides to go to Mrs. Beatty’s house and tell her in person. Mrs. Beatty is already aware of his cheating. Rose tells her that Al had a heart attack and died last night. She doesn’t take the news well. Rose explains she killed him. Her husband died the same way. They’re both upset. Back at the house Blanche has Dorothy try a salad dressing. Rose then enters. She tells them that Al is the second guy to die in her bed. She then tells a St. Olaf story and annoys Dorothy and Blanche. Another evening Blanche and Dorothy try to get Rose to go dancing with them, but she refuses. Later that night the doorbell rings. It’s Mrs. Beatty. She came to tell Rose that she was not responsible for his death. His arteries were completely clogged. Another evening out on the lanai Dorothy and Blanche are playing cards. Rose comes out on the lanai to get their opinion of her new dress. She has her first date in 3 months. She’s going away with Arnie. In the kitchen Dorothy complains about Rose being two hours late. They both discuss if Rose had sex or not. Rose enters looking quite upset. She tells them she slept with Arnie and he died. They are horrified. She then talks about telling the Sheriff and him not believing her so she slept with him and he died. But then she starts laughing. Arnie is fine. Her story is a joke. Dorothy and Blanche get upset and storm out.

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