The Golden Girls S01, Ep14 – That Was No Lady

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 14
Title: That Was No Lady
Original Air Date: December 21, 1985

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: You decided to install a trapeze over your bed?

* Sophia: Rose, it’s a used car not a seat on the space shuttle.

* Dorothy: We started talking and in 30 seconds I was in love.

* Blanche: You’ve been hit by the thunderbolt, love at first sight.

* Rose: He paid for a new wagon even though my policy didn’t cover acts of swine.

* Dorothy: Your children are over 30, you’re still staying for them?

* Blanche: An auto mechanic is the last person you take a car to, they only make money if they tell you somethings wrong with it.

* Blanche: Sometimes we just have to grab our happiness where we can get it.

* Rose: A motel? A cheap, tawdry, bare bulb den of inequity.

* Rose: Evil is as evil does.

* Sophia: I raised you to have respect for yourself, not be somebody’s floozy.

* Dorothy: You can’t leave your wife and I can’t be the other woman.

Synopsis: Rose and Sophia are playing a board game on the lanai. Blanche comes out excited. She has decided to buy a new car, but she has to get rid of her old one first. Rose needs a new car and Blanche decides to let her test drive it for two weeks. Dorothy comes out, also excited. She has a date. He’s a gym teacher at the school where she is subbing. Rose tells the story of how she met Charlie. Three weeks later, Dorothy and Glenn are at a hotel discussing their relationship. He tells her he is married. She storms out. Back at the house Rose comes home and tells Blanche that her car is having issues. Blanche convinces her the car is fine. The phone rings and Rose thinks it’s Glenn but it’s Dorothy’s boss. Dorothy comes out and they all discuss the relationship. Then he calls and Dorothy puts him off. While the others go in the kitchen Dorothy calls Glenn and rekindles their relationship. Late that evening she comes back and gets caught. Dorothy and Rose go into the kitchen. Blanche joins them. She offers tips on how to check into a motel/hotel. Rose continues to pass judgement. Blanche states she’s never been with a married man as the wife gets the better gifts. Sophia joins them. She lectures Dorothy and exits the kitchen. Rose runs onto the lanai looking for Blanche. Blanche comes out and admits the car is a piece of junk. She needed the whole blue book value and couldn’t get it. Rose tells them that the car was stolen. Sophia tells them that since it was insured she’ll get the full bluebook value. Those two leave and Dorothy comes out looking for her shoes. They argue again over Glenn and Dorothy storms off. At the hotel Dorothy dumps Glenn. Dorothy walks into the kitchen and tells Sophia she broke up with Glenn. They make up. Rose and Blanche return in good moods. Blanche invites everyone to go cruising in her new car. They all stay in, then Dorothy decides they are all going cruising.

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