Family Matters S01, Ep13 – Man’s Best Friend

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 13
Title: Man’s Best Friend
Original Air Date: January 8, 1990

Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: Urkel, why don’t you ever knock?
Steve: If I did nobody would ever let me in.

* Laura (to Steve): I’m never going out with you. You make my skin crawl.

* Steve: Did I do that?

* Harriet: It’s a dog.
Rachel: Good Harriet, you got that right on the first try.

* Carl: I just had the worst day of my life. I was in a high speed car chase and ran out of gas.

* Carl: Edward, clean up this room. It smells like an animal in here.

* Harriet: Carl, that was 20 years ago. Get some therapy.

* Harriet: Around you he’s Benjie, around us he’s Kujo.

Synopsis: Steve comes over. He tells Eddie he’s going to ask her out. She comes down the stairs, asks her out and gets turned down cold. Rejected, Steve turns to leave, but catches his foot on the sheet that is under Eddie’s ship and it falls. The next day the kids come into the kitchen very excited. It’s a dog. The kids explain how they tried everything to find his owner and since they couldn’t they want to adopt him. Harriet agrees, but Carl comes home and they hide the dog. He’s in a bad mood. Nearly running over Eddie’s bike in the driveway hasn’t helped his mood. Later that night Rachel goes to Eddie’s room with all kinds of stuff for the dog. Carl goes to Eddie’s room and they have to hide the dog. Carl is a tad surprised to find everyone hanging out in Eddie’s room. Carl just wanted to apologize. He finds the dog treats and likes them. The next morning and they still haven’t told Carl about the dog. He comes downstairs and his favorite slipper is all chewed up. He hears the dog scratching the laundry room door. He opens the laundry room door and is greeted by the dog. Carl is not happy. Rachel suddenly comes down stairs and tries to act like Carl got it for the kids. He tells them a story about a dog he had when he was a kid and how heartbroken he was when the dog died. Rachel jumps in about all the things Carl learned by having a dog. He finally gives in. The next day the kids head to the mall after taking care of the dog. Steve comes over looking for her. He goes into the kitchen to get food and the dog has a hold of him. He quickly exits. Carl is thrilled that the dog gets rid of Steve. Two weeks later the kids aren’t happy with the dog. He’s eaten Eddie’s home and Laura’s solar system. Carl comes in with Mickey and shows the tricks he has taught him. Carl leaves for work. Mickey steals some bacon. Rachel goes into the laundry room to get her work out clothes and the dog has shredded them, along with Harriet’s new silk blouse. When Carl comes home the family is waiting for him. They inform him he’s destructive and locked in the garage. Carl is very upset. He will find Mickey a new home. Carl talks to Mickey and tells him he found him a new home in the country where he can run and play and chew on things. Carl arrives home from dropping Mickey off. He already misses him. Steve pops over and brings Carl and ant farm to try and cheer him up. It doesn’t have any ants, so he brought some. But he knocks them over.

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