The Golden Girls S01, Ep13 – A Little Romance

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: A Little Romance
Original Air Date: December 14, 1985

Guest Stars:
Brent Collins: Dr. Jonathan Newman
Billy Barty: Edgar Lindstrom
Tony Carreiro: The Waiter
Jeane Dixon: Herself

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Favorite Quotes:

* Blanche: Dorothy, I just discovered a great new way to meet more men.
Sophia: More men? You’re going to need a turnstile in your bedroom.

* Blanche: So Rose, you’re seeing a psychiatrist?
Sophia: It’s about time.

* Blanche: I can’t allow that to happen, it’s unsouthern.
Dorothy: That’s a good belle.

* Sophia: That guy over there, is he a midget?
Dorothy: Yes.
Sophia: Thank God, I thought I was having another stroke.

* Blanche: I went to my senior prom with a Yankee!!

* Rose: Sophia why are you in a priests outfit?
Sophia: Because I’m the one who’s going to marry you.

* Sophia: Why are we in the dream in the first place if she’s throwing us out?

* Sophia: We’re all adults here. Let the man out of the pillowcase. We don’t mind if he sleeps over.

* Waiter: How was the shrimp?
Rose: Unfortunately, I’ll never know.

Synopsis: Sophia prepares for a trip to visit her son Phil. She packs her suitcase with food instead of clothes. Blanche comes home. Later, Rose is getting ready for a date. Sophia needs a ride to the airport and Rose offers to take her. Later that week the ladies are getting ready to entertain Rose’s new boyfriend. Rose is not happy because they called him and not Rose. Blanche wants her dreams analyzed. The doorbell rings and Blanche tells them she isn’t interested. Surprise, it’s Rose’s boyfriend, he happens to be a little person. Blanche does not respond well to Dr. Newman’s height. She runs into the kitchen. Dorothy tries to calm her. The night continues on and Blanche keeps putting her foot in her mouth. Sophia returns early, everyone is shocked. Sophia thinks she is having another stroke, Dorothy assures her she is not. He leaves. Rose shocks everyone by saying she thinks Jonathon is going to ask her to marry him. She isn’t sure what to do, because she is uncomfortable about him being a little person. Blanche tells a story about a relationship she had. The girls think she is talking about him being different, but instead he was a Yankee. Rose, still distressed, takes a nap. She dreams that she is about to marry Jonathon. Sophia is the minister. Then Rose’s dad makes an appearance, but now he’s a little person. By the end of the dream she has decided she’ll marry Jonathon. Dorothy and Blanche run in because Rose sounds in distress. Rose and Jonathon are at dinner. They talk and Rose thinks he’s going to propose. However, he dumps her because she is not Jewish.

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