The Golden Girls S01, Ep12 – The Custody Battle

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 12
Title: The Custody Battle
Original Air Date: December 7, 1985

Guest Stars:
Doris Belack: Gloria Petrillo

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: Nagging? Is that what it’s called when a mother wants a little happiness for her daughter?

* Blanche: Oh forget it. Why paint the peacock?

* Gloria: It’s a gift certificate for a complete makeover at Elizabeth Arden.
Sophia: Maybe now you can get a date.

* Blanche: Trust me I got this part in the sack.

* Blanche: You’re pulling my leg. He picked you over me?

* Blanche: I can’t believe this. I’ve been had.
Dorothy: I know. And you still didn’t get the part.

* Dorothy: I don’t know Rose. Maybe Marry Poppins has an Italian cousin.

* Blanche: What a terrible morning this is. Sophia’s leaving and I’m playing an ugly old witch because you stole my part.

* Dorothy: You have everything. Do you have to have Ma, too?

* Gloria: Ma looked at you and saw a wonderful future. She looked at me and hoped I’d marry rich.

* Sophia: Most people my age have children trying to get rid of them. My children are fighting over who gets to keep me.

Synopsis: Dorothy and Sophia are washing glasses. Sophia hounds her again about dating. Blanche enters the kitchen asking Dorothy if she can borrow some jewelry for her date. Sophia is excited that Gloria is coming to visit. Dorothy and Sophia fight and Sophia storms off. The next morning everyone is in the kitchen. The doorbell rings and Gloria has arrived. Gloria brings gifts but plans to stay at a hotel. Sophia uses guilt to get Gloria to stay at the house. Rose and Blanche meet Gloria before they head off to their audition. Gloria lavishes Sophia with gifts and gives Dorothy a gift certificate for a makeover. Later that day Blanche and Rose comes back and they discuss the auditions. They all discuss siblings. Blanche makes her case for being the least favorite child of her parents. Rose goes into a story about Christmas when she was a child. That night Dorothy and Gloria are getting ready for sleep. Gloria invites Dorothy to come visit her. Then she drops a bomb on Dorothy that she wants Sophia to come and live with her. Dorothy is surprised and then shocked when Gloria says Sophia wants to go live with her. The next day Dorothy talks with Sophia about her moving. Dorothy is upset but tries to act supportive. Dorothy enters the kitchen and tells Blanche she has bad news. Then Rose walks in and announces she has bad news. Rose tells Blanche she did not get the lead in Macbeth, instead is got Witch #3. Rose is playing Lady Macbeth. Blanche is livid. Dorothy tells them her bad news is that Sophia is leaving and going to live with Gloria. Rose and Blanche are very upset. Dorothy doesn’t want to her leave either. Later that night Dorothy and Gloria have words over Sophia. Gloria makes clear to Dorothy that she is actually Ma’s favorite, not Gloria or Phil. Gloria tells her she is jealous of her. But most importantly that Ma doesn’t want to go live with her; she wants to stay with Dorothy. Dorothy goes and talks to Sophia and convinces her to stay. Gloria comes in and Sophia tells her she is staying in Miami. They all hug. Dorothy comes back from dinner, they had a good time. Everyone is happy that Sophia is not leaving. Sophia comes in to the kitchen with gifts for each of the girls. She gifted them items that she actually stole. They all decide it’s time to search her room again.

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