The Golden Girls S01, Ep10 – The Heart Attack

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 10
Title: The Heart Attack
Original Air Date: November 23, 1985

Guest Stars:
Ronald Hunter: Dr. Harris

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: You’re Scandinavian, what do you know, 1,000 ways to make herring?

* Dorothy: Blanche, do you know what a bubble is?
Blanche: No, but I know what a bauble is.

* Sophia: I’m 80 years old, I’ve got Pavarotti sitting on my chest. Odds are it’s a heart attack.

* Sophia (to Rose): You’re starting to annoy me. You shouldn’t annoy a sick person.

Synopsis: The girls party breaks up and they discuss the guests behavior while cleaning up. Sophia brings dishes into the kitchen. They all talk about food and Rose mentions making herring pie. Sophia heads back to the living room to clean up. The girls follow her out. Sophia says she has a bubble. Rose explains its gas and it doesn’t go away until you belch. Dororthy requests Blanche call the doctor. Sophia’s bubble increases and now she’s in pain. She worries she’s having a heart attack. Since Blanche couldn’t reach the doctor she called the paramedics. Sophia and Dorothy talk about how people in their family died. Blanche offers to make coffee while they wait on help. Sophia tells Dorothy her final wishes. In the kitchen Blanche and Rose discuss death. Blanche and Rose go back in the living room with the coffee. Sophia fell asleep and Dorothy thought she died. While Sophia rests Rose tries to calm Dorothy. She tells her about Charlie’s heart attack. It happened while they were making love. Blanche comes back out and lets Dorothy know that due to the storm the paramedics are delayed. Sophia wakes up and tells them about a dream she had. Rose keeps Sophia company but her rambling annoys Sophia. Dorothy and Blanche are in Sophia’s room looking for her rosary. They talk and Blanche tries to comfort Dorothy. The doorbell rings and it’s Dr. Harris. She and the doctor discuss food. He examines her and asks her to tell him what she ate. They all list food they saw her eat. The doctor is shocked at how much she ate. It’s a gallbladder attack from overeating. Already Sophia feels better. They share a moment, Dorothy and Sophia. Later in the kitchen the three discuss death again. They then use death as an excuse to pig out.

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