Family Matters S01, Ep09 – Stakeout

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Stakeout
Original Air Date: November 24, 1989

Guest Stars:
Olivia Brown: Vanessa
Ken Foree: High Top
J.W. Smith: Jake

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Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: Chauvinist? I thought we were Baptists.

* Harriet: Boy, Carl sure has changed his mind on Vanessa.
Rachel: Yeah, she sounds like Robocop.

* Rachel: Putting any guy next to Vanessa is like a kid in a candy shop.
Mother Winslow: And we know how much Carl loves candy.

* Harriet: A car, a motel, what’s the difference?
Mother Winslow: A vibrating bed.

* Rachel: Boy, Harriet, when you are wrong, you are really wrong.
Harriet: Seems to me I had a little help.

* Vanessa: Nice move, Mama.
Mother Winslow: You should have seen me when I had two good hips.

* Harriet: If I have to tell you one more time I’m gonna sick your grandma on you.

Synopsis: Carl is listening to music downstairs. he demonstrates some dances for the kids, but throws his back out. Carl comes home after work upset that his partner quit. Carl is not happy that his new partner is a woman. He acts sexist. Harriet is not amused. The women are not happy. Later, Harriet is cleaning the house as Carl comes home. He’s now happy with his new partner. She’s coming to pick him up for bowling. She introduces everyone and they shocked, she’s gorgeous. The next morning Laura tricks Eddie into cleaning up. Carl comes down stairs in a suit. The conversation about Vanessa is a bit tense. He leaves but Rachel starts to plant the seeds of doubt regarding Carl and Vanessa in her head. Mother Winslow does not help. The kids are doing homework down stairs, but Eddie is transfixed by Paula Abdul. In the kitchen they all discuss Carl and Vanessa again. Harriet shakes a motel key out of Carl’s pants. They’ve worried Harriet to the point where she decides to go to the motel and find out what’s going on. Carl and Vanessa prepare for the take down. Harriet and Rachel walks in as Carl is fixing her wire. Both are upset. Vanessa shows Harriet the money they are using to buy the stolen goods to assure her that nothing is going on. Someone knocks on the door and they usher the duo into the bathroom. But it’s not the bad guys it’s his mother. He can’t get them to leave quick enough and the bad guys arrive. Carl and Vanessa blow their cover when the code phrase is ignored. Mother Winslow saves the day by flipping the bad guy. Back at the house Rachel brags about Mother Winslow flipping the bad guy. Carl comes home. The one that Mother Winslow flipped is claiming police brutality. Harriet apologizes. Carl tells her that she flattered him. It made him happy that after 25 years of marriage she still gets a little jealous.

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