Hot in Cleveland S05, Ep07 – The One With George Clooney

Season: 5
Episode: 7
Title: The One With George Clooney
Original Air Date: May 7, 2014

Guest Stars:
Georgia Engel: Mamie
John Mahoney: Roy
Max Greenfield: Doug
Nathan Frizzell: Waiter

Synopsis: The ladies decide to adopt a dog. A man from the shelter comes to evaluate the house for dog safety. Instead, he tricks all three ladies and seduces them all in one day. He also gets them to each give him money. When they figure out what happened they all have him arrested. Meanwhile, Roy’s been keeping a secret from Elka and Mamie. He’s been going out with both of them. It comes to a point where they make him choose. He can’t, so he asks his mother. She’s at least 114 to pick his girlfriend for him. They take off while he goes to get her. Back at the house they got the new dog and have named him George Clooney.

Click on either link to grab the fifth season of the show, it’s a great way to support the ladies and have some serious laughs.

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Favorite Quotes:

* Elka: You’ve already forgotten your age.
Victoria: I was born in 1968.
Melanie: Wait, I thought you were born in 1969.
Victoria: Oh, my God, I’ve forgotten my fake age.

* Joy: So I have two choices. Either I can sit back and wait for Simon, the love of my life, to return, which might not happen until I’m an old, withered woman.
Elka: So, like, any day now.

* Doug: Well, women don’t begin to be beautiful until they hit 40.
Joy: [Gasps] I thought only women over 40 said that.

* Roy: Oh, ladies, there’s plenty of puzzle to go around. We’re all gonna get our pieces in.
Mamie: What if I’m done first?
Elka: Well, you can watch Roy and me finish up.

* Joy: Oh, I’m so glad we picked a good name for him. Now we can all honestly say we’ve slept with George Clooney.


Officer: Okay, ladies. Do you see the perpetrator in this lineup?
Elka: Could number four take his shirt off?
Officer: Why?
Elka: Why not? It’s my tax dollars, right?
Melanie: It’s number three.
Officer: Number three, step forward.
Victoria: He’s the one.
Melanie: Definitely.
Joy: Dirty, rotten bastard.
Elka: Fine. He can take his shirt off too.

— One Week Earlier —
Victoria: Oh, no. It’s happening again. I just walked into the kitchen and forgot why. I think I’m losing my mind.
Melanie: Oh, please. That happens to everyone.
Victoria: But I don’t like things happening to me that happen to everyone. Although I know that it’s common for a woman to start losing her memory in her early 40s.
Elka: You’ve already forgotten your age.
Victoria: I was born in 1968.
Melanie: Wait, I thought you were born in 1969.
Victoria: Oh, my God, I’ve forgotten my fake age. Oh, and memory is so important for an actress. I mean, what if I can’t remember my lines? I’ve been so worried that I haven’t slept for weeks.
Melanie: Well, you could always do sudoku or brain exercises.
Victoria: So it’s come to this. I have to work on my brain like an ugly woman.
Melanie: I wish I could turn my brain off for a little while. I mean, between radiation appointments and doctor visits and worry, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. And I am tired of people asking how I am with the sad “are.” “How are you?”
Victoria: Well, if it makes you feel any better, people don’t really care how you are. No, they’re just glad that they’re not the ones with something as weird and gross as a brain tumor.
Joy: Matt and I broke up.
Victoria: Oh, so he was cheating.
Joy: Actually, he wasn’t. Jeez, you put one GPS tracker under a guy’s truck, and they get all, “ooh, you don’t trust me.”
Melanie: Joy, honey, I’m sorry.
Victoria: Yeah, me too. I’m the one who fixed you up. I just thought that dating a therapist would be a good idea.
Joy: Me too. But the problem with dating a therapist is when they break up with you, it’s like a diagnosis. He said I had no chance at a healthy relationship until I can trust someone. So I have two choices. Either I can sit back and wait for Simon, the love of my life, to return, which might not happen until I’m an old, withered woman.
Elka: So, like, any day now.
Joy: Or blindly trust the next guy I meet. I can do that. [Chuckles] Oh, I think Matt’s a little sad too. He’s just driving around aimlessly. Wait, he’s stopped in front of a bar. That bastard’s already looking for another woman. No, no, no, no, he’s moving again. Yes. I can do this.
Elka: The solution to all your problems is to get a dog.
Joy: [Scoffs] That’s your solution to everything. What are you knitting?
Elka: It’s a beer cozy for Roy.
Victoria: To keep his beer warm?
Elka: Well, his gums can’t take cold beer. I’ve chosen to find that sexy.

Roy: Elka! This is a surprise.
Elka: I made this for you.
Roy: Oh, a beer cozy. Well, we’ll have to have a warm beer together sometime.
Elka: Well, there’s no time like the present. Your mother’s out of town, right?
Roy: Yeah, but–
Mamie: Elka!
Elka: Mamie Sue!
Mamie: What are you doing here in my boyfriend’s house?
Elka: Your boyfriend’s house?
Roy: I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you both. Something tells me this still might not be the right time.

Melanie: Look who found a dog for us.
Victoria: We never agreed on getting a dog.
Joy: Yeah, don’t listen to Elka. We do not need a dog.
Melanie: Really? Not even this one?
Joy: Oh my God!
Victoria: Oh! [Laughs] Okay, I will do absolutely anything to get that dog.
Melanie: Well, I put in an application for him, and they’re gonna send over a home inspector next week to see if we’re dog-worthy. So we have got to be good, because everybody wants him.
Victoria: Well, what do we do? Who do we pay? Who does Joy sleep with?
Melanie: No, things like money and sexual favors aren’t gonna do the trick.
Joy: Wow, we really aren’t in L. A. anymore.
[Doorbell dings]
Joy: I’ll get it. Oh, hello.
Doug: Doug Wyman, home inspector from the rescue center.
Melanie: Oh, we didn’t think you were coming until next week.
Doug: Well, we find we learn more from surprise visits. I noticed oleander in the yard.
Victoria: We’ll fire oleander at once.
Melanie: Victoria, our gardener’s name is Hector, and oleander is a plant, and it’s going right away. Please come in. We really want this dog. We’ve been looking at his pictures, and he’s just so cute, we could eat him up. Not literally. Just that he is so adorable. We’re not gonna eat the dog.
Doug: That’s exactly what a dog-eater would say. Let’s move on to basic care and welfare. Sit. Where will the dog be sleeping?
Melanie: With me, as long as he buys me dinner first. [Chuckles] I’m sorry. I make jokes when I get nervous.
Doug: “Dog-eater. Makes jokes.” You, what do you plan to feed the dog?
Victoria: Oh, I don’t know. Have dogs gotten on the kale bandwagon?
Doug: Wow. What’s your position on chokes and restraints?
Joy: They’re fine as long as you have a safe word.
Doug: I don’t even have a box to check for that. I think I’ve heard enough. I’m gonna see myself out.
Melanie: No. No, please don’t go. We would make a great home for this dog. I’ve been sick, and I just I really need something to take my mind off myself.
Joy: And I’ve lost all trust in men, so unconditional love from a neutered male is just what I need.
Victoria: And I’m a famous actress who played an uptight female president who swapped bodies with a dog in the American Presidoodle.
Doug: I’ve never seen that movie.
Victoria: Oh, then you’ve never taken the amtrak night owl from Santa Fe to Calgary.
Melanie: Please just give us a chance.
Doug: Fine, I’ll stay a bit longer, but I’m gonna need some coffee.
Joy: On it.
Doug: Also, I’m gonna want to check out your dog-related work in that movie.
Victoria: I have the DVD upstairs.
Doug: Thank God they’re gone. I need to see you alone.
Melanie: To talk about the dog?
Doug: No, you’re gonna be great with the dog. You’re clearly the beauty and the brains of this house.
Melanie: I don’t know about that. [Giggles] But is a secret meeting okay? I mean, is that allowed?
Doug: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. You worry too much. Aren’t you tired of worrying?
Melanie: So tired.
Doug: Then meet with me.
Melanie: Okay, but oh, I have a doctor’s appointment. Can I meet you at 2:00?
Doug: Perfect.
Melanie: Okay.
Doug: Like you.
Melanie: Oh, you’re–
Doug: Ah, Victoria. Thank God that we’re finally alone.
Victoria: Why?
Doug: Well, you’re clearly the beauty and the brains of this group. Well, beauty, sure. And talent, which you didn’t mention. But lately, I’m just not sure about brains. You know, I keep forgetting things, and I’m worried that I’m–
Doug: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Give that big brain of yours a rest. All you have to do is remember to meet me today alone at 4:00.
Doug: Can you do that?
Victoria: Yes. Fire oleander and meet you at 2:00.
Doug: You’re adorable. Now let’s go check out that DVD.
Victoria: Oh, that’s what I went upstairs for.
Joy: Nearly ready.
Doug: Forget the coffee. I just wanted to get you alone.
Joy: Why?
Doug: Well, you’re not just the smartest and hottest woman in this house. You might be the smartest and hottest woman that I’ve ever seen. Would you ever No. No, never mind.
Joy: What?
Doug: No, I can see the mistrust in your eyes. I’m gonna go.
Joy: No, wait. I want to be more trusting.
Doug: Well, then, meet with me tonight.
Joy: But you and me- I’m a little older than you are.
Doug: Well, women don’t begin to be beautiful until they hit 40.
Joy: [Gasps] I thought only women over 40 said that.
Doug: Shh, shh, shh.
Both: Shh.
Doug: Do you hear that wind? It’s saying, “throw caution to me.”
Joy: Yes, I hear it now.

Roy: Elka, Mamie and I went out a couple of times before you and I started seeing each other again.
Elka: Well, what happened to you and Tommy, the veterinarian?
Mamie: We couldn’t agree on bedroom temperature. He likes it 80 degrees. I was freezing.
Roy: Look, I’ve never been in a position like this before.
Elka: Well, what do we do now? We can’t both date Roy.
Mamie: Certainly not.
Roy: I have a plan. Why don’t you both date me?
Elka: That’s not really a plan.
Mamie: That’s just you saying the opposite of what we just said.
Roy: I’m a good guy. I don’t want to hurt either one of you. But maybe this makes sense. At our age, there are two women for every man, two buns for every hot dog.
Elka: Well, maybe this could work.
Mamie: I guess. I do like hot dogs.

Melanie: I can’t believe this. You have a brain tumor too?
Doug: I’m so glad to find someone who has this thing in common.
Melanie: You know, other people try to understand, but they can’t. And you know what the worst part is?
Doug: Yes. But you say it.
Melanie: It’s how you tell yourself that you’re not gonna let your illness take over your life, but you can’t stop it from happening.
Doug: Stop it from happening.
Melanie: Yes!
Doug: Oh, exactly. Do you ever feel like life is too short, and if you see something you want, even if you have to keep it a secret from your closest friends, that you should just reach across the table and grab it?
Melanie: [Gasps] I do. Oh.

Doug: So you’re forgetting a few details. That proves that your mind is meant for bigger things.
Victoria: That is so true, Doug. I mean, did Galileo know where his car keys were when he was working on his Science?
Doug: You’re the nerd. You tell me.

Joy: I did it.
Doug: What?
Joy: I trusted you. You left your phone on the table, and I didn’t look at it. [Chuckles] I didn’t check your texts, your emails. I didn’t even swab your glass for a future DNA test. This is new for me. I feel free.
Doug: Well, you don’t just feel free, you look it. Your eyes, less narrow. Your forehead, worry-free. Joy, I don’t want this to sound weird, but you look like a teenager.
Joy: [Chuckles] It’s not weird, but maybe taking it a bit too far.
Waiter: The gentleman ordered a bottle of wine, but I’ll need to see some I.D. , Miss.
Joy: Really? Oh, all right.

Mamie: I’ve never done this with two other people before. It seems like there’s hands everywhere.
Roy: I know. It’s hard to know which area to focus on.
Elka: Mamie Sue, how about you do the top part, and I’ll go to town on the bottom?
Mamie: But all the fun parts are on the bottom.
Roy: Oh, ladies, there’s plenty of puzzle to go around. We’re all gonna get our pieces in.
Mamie: What if I’m done first?
Elka: Well, you can watch Roy and me finish up.

Doug: Do you ever think about what you’re going to do once you’re well?
Melanie: Yeah, sure, all the time. You?
Doug: Well, I really want to make a difference, you know? Like, maybe add a wing to the animal rescue center, but money is just so tight these days.
Melanie: I could help.
Doug: What? No. No, I That’s sweet, but it just doesn’t seem appropriate.
Melanie: Doug, I would love to. It’s such a great cause. I’ll get my checkbook.
Doug: Or you could swipe your card on this.

Joy: So this will go right into your personal account?
Doug: But then straight into the rescue fund. But don’t do it if you’re having even the slightest doubts, which I can see that you are by your wrinkled brow.
Joy: No, no. No doubts. See, all smooth now like a teenager.

Victoria: I’ve never done this before. Bloop! Oh, this is fun.
Doug: Yeah. Then why not do it again?
Victoria: Okay. Whoop! Whoop.

Victoria: What are you doing here with us? I thought you were going out with Roy.
Mamie: That’s not working out so great.
Elka: It’s like he’s the Sultan of Brunei, and we’re two supermodels flown in to entertain him.
Joy: And how is it like that?
Mamie: Well, we ate hummus and talked about the price of gas.
Elka: You know what we have to do? Make him choose.
Mamie: And we’ll just accept his choice and not let it come between us.
Victoria: Well, good, because sharing a man never works.
Melanie: Oh, can you imagine if we did that? It’d be a nightmare.
Joy: Horrific. The only male we’re interested in sharing is our new dog.
Mamie: Oh, did the adoption go through?
Melanie: Well, not officially, but I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get approved.
Joy: Yes, I got a very good feeling from him.
Victoria: As did I. Plus I slept with him.
Melanie: What? So did I!
Joy: Me too.
Melanie: Wha
Joy: Oh, dear God, we’re eskimo sisters.
Victoria: So that bastard seduced all of us all in one day?
Mamie: He’s efficient.
Melanie: He told me he had a brain tumor.
Joy: He told me he had trust issues.
Victoria: He said I was a genius.
Mamie: Well, at least you didn’t give him any money.
All: Oh, my God.

Joy: We called the shelter. You don’t even work there. You were just volunteering and stole their database. That’s for being a liar.
Melanie: That’s for not having a brain tumor.
Victoria: And this is for calling me brilliant.
Doug: You’ve got it all wrong. I’m not some jerk who preys on older women.
Joy and Melanie: Older women?
Doug: Women of all ages looking for dogs are often looking for something else. Yes, I took some of your money, but I also gave you what you wanted. Melanie, I helped you forget about your brain tumor. And, Joy, I helped you trust again. And, Victoria, I made you feel smart. So what’s the harm?
Melanie: You bilked us out of thousands of dollars.
Doug: Well, my guess is you’ve paid more for things that didn’t make you feel as good.
Victoria: Okay, he’s not all wrong. I sent all my kids to private school, and they’re all dopes.
Melanie: And I must admit it was nice to be with someone who was going through the same thing I was, even though he wasn’t really.
Joy: I did like the feeling of letting go and trusting someone, though he wasn’t to be trusted.
Victoria: And I did feel smarter, which doesn’t make any sense. I mean, how can sleeping with someone improve your memory?
Melanie: Maybe it’s not that you’ve been sleeping with someone. It’s that you’ve just been sleeping.
Victoria: Maybe you’re right. Maybe I just needed a good night’s sleep.
Melanie: You know, I suppose if he offers to give us back our money, he doesn’t have to go to jail. [Gasps] He escaped.
Victoria: Oh, my God. This is exactly what happened in American Presidoodle 2: All the Presidoodle’s men. Maybe that was a little different, because in that movie, she faked her own dognapping to fool the Russians.

— Present Day Again —
Officer: You’re absolutely sure number three is the perp?
Joy: Oh, yeah, that’s him.
Melanie: Oh, without a doubt.
Officer: All right, numbers one, two, and four, you’re free to go.
Doug: Don’t do this to me, baby. I lied to the other two, but you’re the smartest, sexiest, most beautiful woman that I’ve ever met.
All: Aw.
Officer: Come on, ladies. It’s a two-way mirror. He can’t even see who he’s talking to. If it makes you feel any better, he’s preyed on a lot of other vulnerable women. My suggestion? Get a dog.
Elka: That’s what I said.

Elka: You’ve got to choose, Roy.
Mamie: No more menage a trois, which is unfortunate since those were the only three words I knew in French.
Roy: But I can’t choose between you two.
Roy’s Mother: Roy? Who’s out there?
Elka: Your mother’s home?
Roy: That’s what I’ll do. I’ll let mother decide. She always knows what’s best for me. We’ll be right back. Mother? Put your housecoat on. I want you to choose my girlfriend.
Elka: You know what, Mamie Sue? You can have him.
Mamie: Oh, now that I think about it, you should have him.
Elka: How about we both get out of here?
Mamie: No rush. Isn’t she 112?
Elka: Oh, that’s what she claims. She’s 114 if she’s a day.

Melanie: Guess who gave George Clooney a bath.
All: Aw.
Joy: Oh, I’m so glad we picked a good name for him. Now we can all honestly say we’ve slept with George Clooney.
Melanie: Just remember, he’s a dog, not a person. We don’t want to become those wacky middle-aged women whose lives revolve around their pets.
Elka: Then I guess you don’t want to see him in this.
Melanie: Oh!
Victoria: Oh, dear God, that’s cute.
Joy: It’s adorable. Put it on him now.
Melanie: No, seriously. Put it on him, now.
[Rock music] [Inaudible chatter]

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