Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep13 – Unseperated at Birthdates

Season: 2
Episode: 13
Title: Unseperated at Birthdates
Original Air Date: June 29, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Mahoney: Roy
Steve Lawrence: Jack
Frank Caliendo: Kenny
Patrick Fabian: Richard
Richard Burgi: Timothy
Vincent Ventresca: Dr. Doug
Danielle Burgio: Susie

Synopsis: It’s the ladies non-birthday again. Elka insists they set each other up on dates again. Elka wants Jack Huntington, Melanie wants a laid back guy with a beard and long hair, Joy wants British sex icons and Victoria wants no man boobs. Joy gets Jack Huntington for Elka. Elka acts like a bimbo to get him and then dumps him. Elka gets Dr. Doug for Melanie, but he looks like Jesus which…

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep12 – How I Met My Mother

Season: 2
Episode: 12
Title: How I Met My Mother
Original Air Date: June 22, 2011

Guest Stars:
Michael McMillian: Owen
Mark Derwin: Gary

Synopsis: Elka is trying to train Dummy, now Chance to jump, using Joy. Victoria announces that she was writing letters to an prisoner as Joy and he was paroled yesterday and he may be coming for Joy. Everyone freaks out. Joy orders up an alarm system. That night the ladies think they hear a prowler. Joy takes a pellet gun away from Elka and throws it on the couch. It goes off and hits someone. The wounded fellow is Joy’s son, but she panics and says Melanie is Joy. They go crazy with accents and out of frustration Joy admits who she is. At the hospital…

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep11 – Where’s Elka? #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 11
Title: Where’s Elka?
Original Air Date: June 15, 2011

Guest Stars:
George Wendt: Yoder
Monica Horan: Sarah
Stephen Dunham: Abher
Amy Sedaris: Heather
Jeff Martin: Governor Shaw

Synopsis: The ladies search Elka’s computer to discover she is heading to Canada. On the way they find her car outside an Amish bar. She’s with Yoder. The ladies get drunk and nearly miss Yoder. In their drunken haze they performed the movie Witness for the men at the bar. Victoria recognize the name Yoder and follows him. She wakes up in a bed filled with women and Elka. Victoria embraces Amish life. Melanie and Joy wake up in a bar looking, well, not so hot. Joy’s hair is a fright and Melanie’s got a beard. The bartender explains how they performed, in their drunken haze, the movie Witness for the men at the bar. Joy and Melanie get lost trying to find Yoder and instead…

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep10 – Law and Elka #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 10
Title: Law & Elka
Original Air Date: March 23, 2011

Guest Stars:
Sherri Shepherd: Judge Lesser
Mark Deklin: Kirk Stark
Amy Sedaris: Heather
Don Perry: Juror #8
Stewart Skelton: Driver
Joe Howard: Amish Man

Synopsis: Elka’s trial begins and she is very worried about going to jail. Kirk shows up with his face badly mangled. Everyone, including the judge, is horrified. Elka freaks outs. Melanie tells her Juror #8 seems to like her and that she should flirt with him. Victoria and Joy are at the Governor’s house where Victoria is interviewing the Governor’s wife. Heather asks if Joy can fix his eyebrow problem. Someone takes a photo of Joy straddling the Governor plucking his eyebrows, but call her his hooker instead. Joy freaks out because she does not want to be deported. Back in court, Elka’s trail is not going well…

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep09 – Elka’s Snowbird #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 9
Title: Elka’s Snowbird
Original Air Date: March 16, 2011

Guest Stars:
Carl Reiner: Max
Gregory Harrison: Dave
Mandy June Turpin: Doreen
Caitlin Carmichael: Annabelle
Max Charles: Marcus
Tom Yi: Dr. Joe
Terrence Beasor: Old Man

Synopsis: Victoria is doing a segment with a Gardener. She falls for him, but his kids hate her. At the house, Melanie convinces Joy to do some volunteer work with her. They go to a senior center. Melanie loved it and Joy hated it. Melanie decides she wants to make healthy food for the seniors. Joy thinks it’s disgusting and adds “flavor” to what Melanie is making. Victoria tries to win over the kids, but fails miserably. So she talks to the ex wife to try and get her to take full custody of the kids. Max pops in to visit Elka. She does not want to go to Florida so he decides to stay…

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep08 – LeBron is Le Gone #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 8
Title: LeBron is Le Gone
Original Air Date: March 9, 2011

Guest Stars:
Jon Lovitz: Opera Guy
Isaiah Mustafa: Kevin
Dan Bakkedahl: Jasper
Cyndi Martino: Patricia
Anthony Holiday: Ben

Synopsis: Melanie and Elka are at the bar. Melanie gets the game turned off for Oprah. Elka tells her to use her “powers” to get the guys to get them ice cream. A coach from the Cavaliers comes in and Melanie goes gaga over him. Elka tells her to use her powers to get him. They talk and later Joy comes in. She announces she’s engaged to homeless man “opera guy” so she can get her green card. Melanie and Elka are skeptical. Back at the house Elka is trying to teach Melanie basketball for her date with Coach Jason. During her date, Melanie follows Elka’s instructions and everything is fine while they are at the house. But…

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Hot in Cleveland S02, Ep07 – Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks and Joy’s Fix #HotinCleveland

Season: 2
Episode: 7
Title: Dog Tricks, Sex Flicks and Joy’s Fix
Original Air Date: March 2, 2011

Guest Stars:
John Ducey: Gordon
Arden Myrin: Jasmine Breeze
Bob Rumnock: Dr. Morgan

Synopsis: Elka brings home a dog from the shelter. Victoria announces she wants to make a sex tape…with Melanie. Joy meets a new man at the therapist. Melanie refuses to do the sex tape with Victoria so she hires a hooker. The hooker wants double for being a “porn star.” Joy steals her new boyfriends files from the therapists office. She steals hers a well.

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