Book: Carved in Bone (Body Farm #1) by Jefferson Bass

This is the first book in this series. I found these books because it was clear other series’s I was reading referenced it. So I had to read it.

Dr. Bill Brockton is a professor, but he also has quite an ongoing project as well. The Body Farm. This farm contains bodies (dead bodies) donated to science. Bodies are placed here in all manner and mode. Dr. Brockton monitors how the bodies in each situation decompose. All this data that he collects is utilized by law enforcement to determine when bodies they find in various situations and stages of decomposition actually stopped being alive.

In this case he’s called out of his body farm. To a remote area, a cave. A body has been found there. It’s mummified and upon looking at it it is not apparant how long it’s been there or who it is. However, the body is wearing a necklace. But someone does not seem to want them to figure out who she is. Several times people try to kill the good doctor.

Who is the mummy? Why would someone be willing to kill Bill in order to keep the identity of the mummy hidden?

Click on either link to get a copy and find out what happens.

Amazon Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass
iTunes Carved in Bone – Jefferson Bass

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