The X Files S01, Ep09 – Space

Show: The X Files
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Space
Original Air Date: November 12, 1993

Guest Stars:
Ed Lauter: Lt. Col. Marcus Aurelius Belt
Susanna Thompson: Michelle Generoo
Tom McBeath: Scientist
Terry David Mulligan: Mission Controller
French Tickner: Preacher
Norma Jean Wick: Reporter (as Norma Wick)
Alf Humphreys: 2nd Controller
David Cameron: Young Scientist
Tyronne L’Hirondelle: Databank Scientist
Paul DesRoches: Paramedic

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Favorite Quotes:

* Scully: Didn’t you want to get his autograph?

* Scully: So you think this x-ray is bogus?
Mulder: God, I hope so.

* Scully: So much for your boyhood hero.

* Mulder: He gave his own life. As an astronaut that was something he was prepared to do.

Synopsis: We see Mars photos, including a weird sculpture that looks like a face. In an apartment a man has flashbacks of encountering something. A space shuttle is about to be launched. At 3 seconds to launch it is aborted. Mulder and Scully each lunch and a woman with a briefcase introduces herself as being the one who sent them the note. She thinks there is someone inside NASA guilty of sabotage. She show’s them an analysis that could be sabotage. But makes clear that that kind of damage is impossible. She reveals that her fiancé is on the next shuttle and she does not want him to die. They go to NASA and meet with Colonel Belt. They ask him about the sabotage. He does not believe there has been any. A delay in the launch is requested but denied. Mulder and Scully are invited to stay for the launch. They show the analyses to the head tech. He’s never seen it before, he’s shocked. The countdown begins for the launch. The shuttle launches without incident. The woman that met with them tracks them down at their hotel. There’s now an issue with the shuttle. They follow her back to mission control. But on the way she screams and loses control, her car flips. She’s wedged in. Mulder is able to pull her out. She tells them something came at her in the fog. Mulder and Scully drive her to mission control. Multiple systems are malfunctioning. They head to the data banks to try and trace the issue. Mulder hears someone and follows. The lights go down. They find one man, he’s trying to fix a sensor that went off. They have determined that someone is scrambling their uplink signal. They opt to switch to fly by wire mode and cut communications. They are able to reestablish contact and get the ship functioning correctly. Bell holds a press conference discussing the shuttle. Michelle tells them that he risked what he did because if they had not delivered the payload NASA would be shut down by congress. Mulder talks with Bell. He doesn’t really get answers. Belt’s back at his apartment and gets more visions and an alien/ghost/being separates from his body and floats out the window. Back at mission control the space team reports a thud and then there is a second thud. Now the ship has an oxygen leak in the main tank. Mulder and Scully try to find Belt. He’s at his apartment and doesn’t look good. They inform him about the accident. He instructs them to put on the space suits, and do several other things and deliver the payload, before they bring them back. Michelle does not agree and leaves the control center. Mulder and Scully go after her. Scully now believes that space shuttle has been sabotaged. Mulder wants to see if there is any proof that the sabotage was known. They confirm the payload is delivered and then they are informed there is some kind of ghost outside the shit. Belt starts freaking out and screaming. Michelle informs Scully and Mulder that Belt has collapsed. In his office he is under his desk have a complete break down. Belt tells them the aliens sabotaged the shuttle and one lives in him. His face changes and Michelle says it’s the face she saw in the fog. Someone comes in and informs them they are now on back up oxygen. Michelle says she has to get them down in 30 minutes before they suffocate. Belt says change the re-entry trajectory to 35 degrees so they can reenter without burning up. Michelle gives them the message with about a second left. They land safely. Belt is in the hospital. He tries to fight the alien and jumps out the window to his death.

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