The Golden Girls S01, Ep09 – Blanche and the Younger Man

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 9
Title: Blanche and the Younger Man
Original Air Date: November 16, 1985

Guest Stars:
Jeanette Nolan: Alma Lindstrom
Charles Hill: Dirk

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: I know a lot of old people. They’re cranky, they’re demanding, they repeat themselves, they’re cranky.

* Blanche: Why Dirk, did I just hear you ask me for a date?
Sophia: What are you deaf? I heard him from way over here.

* Sophia: Stand back, we’re gonna get something on us.

* Dorothy: The only time I get in that position is when I give birth.

* Rose: Hi Blanche you look terrific. (Blanche leaves) Blanche looks terrible.

* Dorothy: Come on, she’s out betting on the horses, not rounding them up.

* Blanche: A husband like Dirk could keep me young for another 20 years.
Sophia: Or kill you.

* Blanche: I do believe he said gorgeous. I’m gonna live forever.
Dorothy: Not outside of an institution.

* Dorothy: Blanche thinks she’s Peter Pan and Rose has turned into Mommy Dearest.
Sophia: That’s nothing. You think you’re Josephine the plumber.

* Rose’s Mom: I understand Rosie. But stopping me from living is not going to keep me from dying.

Synopsis: The girls prepare for Rose’s mom’s visit. Blanche comes back from the gym with her personal trainer and he asks her out. Rose comes back from the airport with her mom, but she is talking to her like she can’t hear, but her hearing is fine. Blanche asks Mrs. Lindstrum a question but Rose becomes very overbearing. And her mother gets mad at her. Blanche, who was apprehensive about dating Dirk because he’s younger, decides she’s going to go out with him. Blanche then goes into a story from her teenage years, where she supposedly could have become Mrs. Andy Griffth. Later, Blanche is doing some strange exercises. Dorothy makes fun of Blanche for doing all these crazy things to try and be younger. Rose came home early to spend time with her mother, but Dorothy informs her she’s gone to the dog track with Sophia. Rose has a melt down. Sophia and Mrs. Linstrum return. Sophia lost money and Mrs. Lindstrum won $400. Mrs. Lindstrum is still excited and wants to go to the mall. But Rose starts treating her like a child again. She blows up at Rose and storms out of the kitchen. Later that night Rose is freaking out again because her mom is not back yet and the sun has set. Sophia comes in the door, but Mrs. Lindstrum is not with her. Rose is furious and upset. While Dorothy tries to talk sense into Rose the phone rings. The police have picked up her mother. Blanche makes her grand entrance in her date outfit and claims to have taken 10 years off her age. The doorbell rings and it’s Dirk. Dorothy fixes the kitchen sink. The front door slams and Rose and her mother return. Alma is furious with Rose. She is sick of Rose treating her like a child. Alma informs Rose she will be leaving in the morning. Dorothy tries to talk some sense into Rose. In Alma’s room Sophia loses $40 more to Alma. Rose comes in to talk to her mother. She apologizes to her mom. She tells her she is just worried about losing her. They make up. In the kitchen Sophia and Dorothy are setting the table with Dorothy’s good china. They have a heart to heart. Sophia thanks her for not treating her like an old lady. Blanche and Dirk are at the restaurant. She places a big order and then he just orders a salad, so she switches. They start to talk and everything is going great until he tells her she reminds him of his mother. Blanche is devastated, calls over the waiter and switches her order. Back at the house Sophia and Alma are playing a game with pretzels. Sophia doesn’t want to pay up and smashes the pretzels. They discuss Blanche’s date. Rose is shocked that Dorothy also dated a younger man. However, Alma tells a story about a younger guy she was with called Ben. When Rose finds out he was an ex-con she freaks. But, she does regain her composure and tries to act supportive. Blanche enters the kitchen visibly upset. She tells them he was looking for a mother not a lover. Dorothy tries to talk some sense into Blanche. She and Rose both storm out of the kitchen.

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