The Golden Girls S01, Ep08 – Break In

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 8
Title: Break In
Original Air Date: November 7, 1985

Guest Stars:
Christian Clemenson: The Salesman
Robert Rothwell: Lester

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: Please, I’m 80, bath tubs are dangerous.

* Rose: They were probably looking for drugs.
Dorothy: We have Maalox and Estrogen. Now how many robbers have gas and hot flashes?

* Dorothy (to a alarm salesman): Now get out of here before the victim of violent crime in this house is you.

* Dorothy: You could just have easily been murdered when you were with Charles.
Sophia: I’m surprised she wasn’t murdered by Charles.

* Rose: The dog, I think he ate your mother.
Sophia: Some attack dog. He hid under the table, peed on the floor and ran out the back.

* Sophia: One night I’ll belch and stable Mabel here will blow my head off.

Synopsis: The girls come home from a Madonna concert. They enter their house to discover they’ve been robbed. Blanche panics thinking that someone could still be there. Dorothy pretends to have a big gun to scare anyone off. Everyone checks to see if any of their stuff is missing. But Rose is clearly affected and not taking it well. Dorothy comes back to inform Rose she called the police and her mink stole was stolen. Blanche comes out of the kitchen distraught that her jewels have been stolen from the flour. Sophia proclaims all of her possessions have been stolen. Dorothy is not convinced. Rose thinks its because they don’t have husbands. Blanche thinks someone has bad karma that brought it on. Dorothy reasons with them. Blanche becomes enraged over the situation and Rose becomes fearful. An alarm salesman comes to the house. He tries to scare them into buying an alarm. Dorothy gets mad and kicks him out. The four sit in the living room and discuss their fears and try to cope. They decide to go to the kitchen for a snack, but they have a guard dog in the kitchen they are afraid of. Sophia decides to go in the kitchen dog and all. Blanche and Rose freak out. Several days later Blanche is laying on the couch recovering. She went to the police station and accidentally sprayed herself with mace. The police thought she was on angel dust. Rose rushes in panicked by the Gardner. They tell Rose no more mace and she agrees. She’s bought a gun. She says she was shown how to use it but Dorothy is not happy. She tells Rose she has gone overboard and needs to see a professional for help dealing with the situation. She doesn’t eat or sleep and is always afraid. The four come back from the psychiatrist and everyone feels better but Rose. She is going to bed in the afternoon so she can wake up before sundown. The three ladies are worried about Rose and her gun. Later that night there is a sound, the door opens and the alarm goes off. Rose fires her gun and shoots the vase. Dorothy freaks out about the shooting. Everyone is upset. Dorothy tries to comfort Rose, but she breaks down. She understands it’s over but in her mind they will always be there. Rose is in a parking garage and she runs from someone following her. He chases her into the stairwell. Dorothy and Sophia play Scrabble on the lanai. Blanche comes out on the lanai and informs Dorothy that the robbers were caught and they found her mink stole. Rose joins them. She tells them about the parking garage and being followed. When he grabbed her arm, she kneed him and took him down. She’s no longer afraid anymore. However, the guy was actually the parking attendant returning her keys. Blanche found her jewelry in the freezer.

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