Family Matters S01, Ep07 – Body Damage

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Title: Body Damage
Original Air Date: November 10, 1989

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Favorite Quotes:

* Harriet: I don’t mind the living. It’s the dying I’m trying to avoid.

* Rachel: Carl is going to kill me. He still hasn’t forgiven me for breaking his Flintstones coffee mug.

* Laura: Eddie, you have the IQ of frozen yogurt.

* Carl: Who fixed the car?
Rachel: I did.
Carl: Think you can do it again?
Rachel: I’ll get the torch.

Synopsis: Dinner wraps up and Harriet assigns the children to do the dishes. The next day at dinner Laura asks Eddie if he is going to a big party. She rubs it in that he is grounded. Rachel asks Laura to quiz her on her automotive test. Carl comes in with great news. He’s got the best safety record in the city and gets to drive in the Columbus Day Parade as the lead car. He gets to drive a 1936 Ford. The car has been driven by Elliot Ness. Everyone tries to pile in but Carl stops them. Carl is napping on the couch. Mother Winslow tells Harriet she taught him how to drive and that she gave up driving when they lowered the speed limit. In the kitchen Rachel wants to take a peek at the car. In the garage Rachel drools over the car. They both admire it. Rachel wants to drive it. Harriet gives in and they both hop in the car. But the drive is short lived when Rachel crashes into a tree. As she backs back up the driveway the fender has a nasty dent. Rachel tries to blame it on Harriet but she isn’t having any of it. Rachel says she can fix it before the parade as she aced fender and body work class. She begs. Later that night Harriet comes down stairs and sneaks out to the garage to check on the process. She startles Rachel while she is blow torching. She shoulder taps again to try and find out when she’ll be done. Rachel shoos Harriet away. Eddie comes out and finds the mess. Rachel enlists his help since he is still up. She asks him to put the tools in the toolbox but he tosses them instead making a lot of noise. When Harriet comes back into the kitchen she catches Carl red handed having a midnight snack. He comments on the noise and she stops him from going outside to check out the sounds. Eddie comes in and Carl thinks he broke his curfew. Harriet goes with curfew breaking and then takes over the situation. The next morning Rachel comes into the kitchen for coffee and asking how much time she has left. Eddie comes down with a confession for Harriet to sign. Carl comes down dressed and to stall him Harriet pulls a button off his uniform. She sends him to his mother for repairs. She makes a mad dash to Rachel to update her on the situation. She should taps her while Rachel is painting. Harriet runs back in to get the whole family to stall. When Harriet tells them what happened Laura finds it amusing. They all try to use it to their advantage. Carl comes back down again and Laura jumps into action. The stall tactics are transparent. Eddie slips about the car. Carl runs out and Harriet throws herself across the garage door. He opens it to find Rachel polishing the fender. Carl leaves for the parade and everyone goes into the living room and breaths a sigh of relief. The kids try to blackmail them. The doorbell rings and Carl walks in holding a fender. He is not happy and informs them when he returns he will do a lot of yelling. They arrive back from the parade. They all wait for Carl to return and be angry. Carl storms in doing the full body ticked off bob/bounce. Harriet confesses and apologizes. Carl is disappointed because now he can’t yell. He’s hurt because they didn’t go to him when they were in trouble. They promise not to go behind his back again. Carl asks who fixed the Car. Rachel says she did. Carl asks if she could do it again as he accidentally backed into a float.

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