Family Matters S01, Ep06 – Basketball Blues

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Title: Basketball Blues
Original Air Date: November 3, 1989

Guest Stars:
Jacques Apollo Bolton: Will ‘The Thrill’ Morgan

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Favorite Quotes:

* Laura: I can’t believe it. You bring a baby in the room and adults start talking like Roger Rabbit.

* Carl: Oh no, I can’t believe this.
Harriet: I knew you’d be upset about missing the school bake sale.

* Carl: Honey, you didn’t have to get up this early to see us off.
Harriet: I always get up this early to milk the cows.

* Harriet: Why because you’re a man? Well the fact that your face grows hair and your head loses it doesn’t prove diddly.

* Harriet: Just make eggs. Throw them in a pan and heat them up until they stop moving.

* Mother Winslow: Four hours for muffins? I could have cooked a Thanksgiving dinner for 16 and that includes catching the bird.

Synopsis: Carl comes home from work. Harriet informs him that Eddie hasn’t been giving them the school handouts. One of the handouts is about basketball tryouts. Carl starts to obsess. Harriet thinks he nuts. Eddie comes home and Carl goes full scale crazy about practicing to make the team. He wants Eddie to name his basketball, but Eddie is not into it. As training continues at the end of the week Carl is running Eddie into exhaustion. Harriet intervenes when Carl tries to give Eddie raw eggs to drink. However, Carl won’t stop the basketball training. Eddie is not enjoying all the basketball practice. He gets frustrated and quits basketball. Rachel bakes, and Harriet and Mother Winslow are scared. While the muffins look pretty, they are actually bricks. Mother Winslow tries one and they are clearly disgusting. Carl comes running into the house looking for Eddie. He’s arranged for him to meet Will “The Thrill” Morgan. The doorbell rings and Will has arrived. Will asks him about buying his Porsche. Harriet realizes Carl lied to Will to get him to come over. In the kitchen Rachel breaks a window with one of her muffins. Harriet reads Carl the riot act. Carl goes back and tells him Harriet wants a different car. Mother Winslow comes out and gushes over him. Eddie comes home and gets excited about Will. Carl shifts the conversation from the Porsche to basketball. Will figures out he was tricked. They all go to the gym. Rachel comes down all prettied up and is bummed Will is gone. Back at the house Carl is annoying Harriett. Eddie and Will come back, and then Will leaves. Eddie tells Carl he is still not playing basketball. Later that night Carl is at the gym and Harriet comes to find him. They talk and Carl comes to his senses about basketball. He talks with Eddie in the kitchen. He apologizes.

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