Mama’s Family S01, Ep05 – Family Feud

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Title: Family Feud
Original Air Date: February 19, 1983

Guest Stars:
Betty White: Ellen Harper Jackson
Bernard Behrens: Webster Van Courtland
Richard Dawson: Richard Dawson
Georgann Johnson: Bunny Van Courtland
Tina Payne: Tiffany ‘Tiffy’ Van Courtland
Todd Thompson: Binky Van Courtland
Bonnie Urseth: Muffy Van Courtland
Gene Wood: Himself

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Favorite Quotes:

* Vint: When’s the last time you saw a family smarter than this one?
Ellen: Last time I watched The Flintstones.

* Mama: If he kisses me I’m gonna just die.
Vint: Mama, it’s part of the show.
Mama: Well then let him kiss you.

* [buzzer goes off] Mama: Lord, it scared the holy sugar out of me.

* Mama: We are gonna play Vinton! Play or get off the pot!!

* Richard: Here’s your pretty lady. [He gives her a peck and she in turn lays several on him] Whooo!! Now I see why you’re into padlocks.

* Mama: I think when somebody makes a fool of themselves it ought not to be broadcast to the entire country.

* Vint: Now Mama, nobody’s saying you’re a lunatic. She just acted like one.

Synopsis: Vint gathers the family around the living room table. Ellen storms in ticked off. She’s outraged she’s there because of Vint. He asks if they’d like to make $10,000 and everyone walks away. He finally announces that they have been invited to be on Family Feud. Mama is not excited, she doesn’t want to fly or have Richard Dawson smooching on her. He explains why he chose each of them. Naomi is the pretty one, Buzz is the teen heartthrob, Mama is the sweet little home body, and Vint and Ellen are the smart ones. Mama is still on the fence. Naomi lures her in by saying they could use the money to move out. They practice to teach Mama how to play the game. It doesn’t go well and Mama storms out. They are on the Family Feud. The Van Courtland family is introduced. Richard heads over to the Harper’s and she is freaked out about getting kissed. He kisses her cheek. Thelma does all the introductions and they are quite colorful. Naomi gives Richard one of her kisses and he’s a bit surprised. Thelma and Webster face off. She has a good answer, but doesn’t hit the button. So Richard explains and they go to another question. For the second question Webster hitting the buzzer nearly gives her a heart attack. The Van Courtland’s get control. They get 4 out of 5 and get two strikes. The Harpers huttle up and Vint shouts out earmuffs. Webster says earmuffs and they win the round. Mama is upset. Vint and Bunny face off. Vint wins and they play. It’s Naomi’s turn. Richard gives her the customer peck but she goes back for seconds, thirds and fourths. He’s a bit overwhelmed. They clear the board, win the round and take the lead. Naomi is in the face off for the triple points round and she is flustered. The Van Courtland’s win the face off and choose to play. They play until they get three strikes. With two answers left they get three strikes and it goes the Harpers. Vint says music box or mechanical man. Mama doesn’t pick either one, she instead says a letter. The other two answers were music box and mechanical man. The Van Courtland’s wins. Back at the house Vint turns on the tv to watch their episode. Mama refuses to watch it. She goes on a rant about the show. And then the power goes out. Mama thanks her dead husband for making it happen.

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