Elementary S01, Ep01 – Pilot

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: Pilot
Original Air Date: September 27, 2012

Guest Stars:
Dallas Roberts: Dr. Richard Mantlo
Manny Perez: Detective Javier Abreu
Jonathan Walker: Harrison Polk
Kristen Bush: Eileen Renfro
Craig Walker: Peter Saldua
Michael Nathanson: Infomercial Narrator
Randal Turner: Male Opera Singer
Melissa Zapin: Female Opera Singer
Sherry H. Arell: Shushing Lady

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sherlock: Tell me how do clients typically introduce you?
Joan: What do you mean?
Sherlock: I mean I find it hard to believe they’d tell someone they’ve been assigned a glorified helper monkey.

* Joan: Why is it so important that the kidnapper took a ring box?
Sherlock: Kidnappers don’t take trophies, killers do.

* Sherlock: Sometimes I hate it when I’m right.

* Joan: How did you know he had an affair?
Sherlock: Google. Not everything is deducible.

* Joan: It’s so incredible the way that you can solve people just by looking at them. I notice you don’t have any mirrors around here.
Sherlock: And what’s that supposed to mean?
Joan: It means I think you know a lost cause when you see one.

* Joan: You can connect to people, it just frightens you.

Synopsis: A woman is attacked in her home. She flees to her room and is attacked. Joan goes for a jog. She gets a call that Sherlock has escaped. She goes to his brownstone to find him. She introduces herself and tells him that she is his sober companion. He deduces she was a surgeon and then completely shocks her with all he tells her. They hop a train and head to a crime scene. He plans to continue his work as a consultant in New York. He asks how she’d like to introduce her and he opts to refer to her as his valet. They meet the Captain and he walks them through the scene. The house is trashed and the wife is missing. From her cell phone photos he deduces that she has had plastic surgery in the last few years. He finds evidence of two broken glasses, she knew her attacker. He also finds blood in the boot print on the door. He kicked the door in upon exiting to obscure the crime. He points out a missing ring box. Sherlock rolls a marble on the floor and finds the switch to safe room. Inside, is the missing woman, dead. At the station the husband is interrogated. While they watch she asks how he knew those things about her. He explains a bit. Sherlock does not believe the doctor commit the murder. His feet are three sizes smaller than the boot print. The handprint on her neck is also indicative of larger hands. Sherlock and Joan go to the hospital and interview people. The first person discusses her plastic surgery. In his office Joan notices a shoe box, size 11. He shoes them a photo of the victim before her plastic surgery. Joan asks him for his alibi. Back at the brownstone Joan notices honey dripping. She goes to the roof and sees Sherlock’s apiary. They talk and he points out that she clearly finds his work exciting. The next morning Joan wakes up rather late as Sherlock has unplugged all her alarm clocks. She goes to the station and demands a saliva swab. The test is negative. He believes that this murderer has struck before and has gone through the files to find several cases that match. They go to visit the one surviver, Eileen Renfro. Sherlock interrogates her rather aggressively. He offends her and Joan kicks him out and stays behind. She comes out and Joan gives her the name: Peter Saldua. Sherlock takes credit and Joan calls him out. He calls the Captain, but the Captain is at the suspect’s house and he’s dead. They arrive at Peter Saldua’s house. Sherlock notices the washer is upended. The suspect’s phone is missing. At the brownstone Sherlock is going over Peter’s phone records. He makes lots of calls and suddenly stops. He goes on about he’s always right. The truth comes out about Joan’s patient dying on the table and that he pretended there was some other reason that she stopped practice. He rants on about the patient and the ticket and graveyard. In her emotional and upset state she informs Sherlock that she will find him a new companion tomorrow. Sherlock meets the Captain at the bar and they go over Peter Saldua’s file. He recorded all his sessions on his phone, but his phone is still missing. Sherlock has an epiphany and goes to the Opera to find Joan. He asks what a Xanax looks like and Joan describes it. He calls the detective and asks him to look at the medication bottle. The pills were not Xanax but something else. He apologizes to Joan for losing his temper with Eileen and then begs her to take him to Sanbridge Hospital. He confronts the husband. The husband hypothetically admits to planning the murder. He gets frustrated and then drives Joan’s car into the husbands. He winds up in jail. Joan visits, he apologizes for his behavior. She got him another chance. He tells her she’d make a great investigator. She questions him about london and uses his behavior to deduce it was a woman. She returns to the brownstone and goes through the case files. He’s allergic to rice but has a giant bag in his pantry. She meets Sherlock at court and shows him the rice allergy and then the photo of the bag of rice. The husband shows up at the precinct. He evades questions. Sherlock and Joan walk in. They found the phone in the bag of rice and play recorded session that he is clearly on. Back at the brownstone Joan is watching the Mets game. He predicts how the game ends. She’s furious. They go to dinner.

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