The Golden Girls S01, Ep04 – The Transplant

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Title: The Transplant
Original Air Date: October 5, 1985

Guest Stars:
Sheree North: Virginia Hollingsworth

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Favorite Quotes:

* Blanche: You never heard of anybody hating their sister?
Rose: Never. Maybe it’s Southern.
Blanche: Sleeping with your brothers is Southern.

* Rose: Sophia, if you hated your sister would you clean the house?
Sophia: I’d put Vasoline on the tips of her walker.

* Blanche: Now we cannot have a baby in this house. My sister is coming.
Dorothy: Does she eat them?

* Sophia: I only hear from him [Phil] at Christmas when he sends me a cheddar cheese nativity scene. I’m Catholic. I can’t spread a wise man on a Ritz cracker.

* Dorothy: Oh come on Rose. You’d give a kidney to you dog?
Sophia: So he could whiz on your rug?

* Dorothy: I wish my ex had been like Fluffy.
Sophia: You could have had him fixed.

* Sophia: She’s family. If you can’t count on family, who the hell can you count on?
Blanche: She’s Italian.

* Sophia: What are you carrying on? It’s like talking to a salami.

* Rose: Wherever she goes she finds a man.
Sophia: So do hookers.

Synopsis: Blanche is freaking out that the house is filthy. Her sister is coming to town, who she hates. Rose asks Sophia if she would clean the house if she hated her sister. Sophia’s response is not what Rose expected. Dorothy comes in with a baby. Blanche freaks out but the rest of the girls are thrilled. Rose asks Blanche she hates her sister. The answer is jealously. Blanche demonstrates that her sister is evil because she electrocuted her and got her in trouble for messing up the Christmas tree. Virginia and Blanche come off the lanai after having lunch. Virginia tries to compliment Blanche, but she takes offense. Blanche and Virginia start sniping at each other. Virginia puts a stop to it. In the bedroom, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia are with the baby who is crying. Rose is excited about pop up wipes and disposable bottles. Blanche comes into the room. She has to have dinner with Virginia this evening. Rose comments how nice she was. Blanche is suspicious and wonders what she wants. That night Blanche and Virginia are at dinner. She’s still being nice. But Blanche looses her patience and asks what she wants. Blanche finally tells Virginia why she hates her. Virginia stole her boyfriend Tom. But he wasn’t worth the bother, he’s a cheater. Virginia finally tells Blanche why she is there. She is dying. She is in kidney failure and needs a transplant. Blanche is left speechless. Back at the house Dorothy and Sophia are sitting on the couch. Sophia is munching and crunching away, annoying Dorothy. Blanche comes back. Dorothy asks what happened. She tells them her sister is dying and Virginia wants one of her kidneys. Blanche, however, does not know what she is going to do. Blanche discuses her fears with the girls about losing a kidney. She leaves and the rest discuss. For their kids they’d do anything. The next day Virginia and Blanche talk in the living room. Sophia comes in and pushes Blanche to decide. Virginia says their other sister can’t because she has attached kidneys. Sophia offers her one of hers, bathroom breaks and all. Virginia admits she doesn’t know what she’d do in Blanche’s place. She heads back home. The next day Rose calls the pediatrician and gets told off. The baby isn’t sleeping because they keep waking him up. Blanche decides she is going to donate a kidney to Virginia. The baby finally goes home. Blanche returns from her trip. The blood vessels in her kidney were too small. But someone donated a kidney and Virginia will recover. And she has a date with the doctor who examined her.

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