Family Matters S01, Ep03 – Short Story

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: Short Story
Original Air Date: October 6, 1989

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Favorite Quotes:

* Carl: A little high? They don’t use this much water at Sea World.

* Rachel: I haven’t done anything. I’m blocked.

* Rachel: I just used you as a jumping off point.
Grandma: I don’t think you jumped far enough.

* Carl: You make me seem like cheapskate.
Grandma: You got that part right.

* Eddie: What fiction? You captured the real me– A guy who’s great with the babes.
Laura: That is the only part that is fiction.

* Carl (to Eddie): Don’t be hitting nobody on the head, you’re all crazy enough as it is.

* Eddie: I figure Linda’s waiting for a real man to come along. One that’s not intimidated by her beauty and that’s me. Edward “stud” Winslow.
Laura: How much of that cologne did you swallow?

* Laura: Mom, if Judy and I fight can I have pizza in my room too?

Synopsis: The kids set the table for dinner. Rachel comes in with a pizza. In the living room Laura hands out the mail. Carl’s not happy that it’s all for Grandma. Rachel gets a letter in the mail. Carl’s water bill sets him off. Rachel’s letter is a rejection of her short story. Eddie comes in and announces he washed the car. Carl, of course, flips his lid. Harriet commiserates with Rachel about her story being rejected. She tells her to write what she knows about. Carl decides to turn the water off for four hours a day. Harriet wants it on. She states no one will eat. The next day Laura comes home from school and tries to help Rachel with her writers block. Carl hollers for everyone to come to a family meeting. The sprinklers were left on all day. Eddie comes home and he admits he turned them on, but was never told to turn them off. They all argue. Laura suggests to Rachel that she write about the family. Carl is happy that water consumption is under control. Grandma is happy, she wants to firm up her water bed. Rachel is in the kitchen trying to get Richie to use a teething ring with no success. Harriet dips it in some applesauce and poof, he’s using it. Laura delivers a letter to Rachel. Her new short story was accepted. She goes off to make copies for everyone. As the family reads it each are unhappy. She tries to defend her story and it falls flat. Eddie is the only one who likes it. Harriet is extremely offended. She thinks that Rachel feels she is pushy and overbearing. Later on, Rachel is trying to explain her writing process to Grandma. Carl is trying to mend Harriet and Rachel. However, it does not work. Later that evening Eddie is all dressed up. He is going to ask Linda Fontana out. Harriet and Rachel are still not talking. Laura visits Rachel in her room. Judy walks in and Laura and her fight. She tells Rachel no matter what happens you don’t let it ruin the relationship. Rachel and Harriet cross paths in the kitchen. They make up. Eddie comes in the back door and he clearly got beat up. He explained he asked out Linda Fontana’s house to ask her out. Her boyfriend was there and he beat him up.

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