Mama’s Family S01, Ep03 – The Wedding part 1

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: The Wedding part one
Original Air Date: February 5, 1983

Guest Stars:
Carol Burnett: Eunice Higgins
Betty White: Ellen Harper Jackson

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Favorite Quotes:

* Mama: Bring him back in one piece.
Vint: I will, Mama.
Mama: I was talking to Buzz.

* Ellen: Nothing like good wine and friends. Or cheap wine and relatives.

* Naomi: Whoops, ladies, I think this bottle had a hole in it.

* Naomi: Oh, come on, Fran, nothing like the fruit of the vine to put people in the party mood.

* Mama: Well good Lord Fran, don’t drink if you can’t hold your hooch.

* Ellen: Mama would you look the other way if Daddy had been seeing a woman across town?
Mama: Oh hell, honey, I’d have given him bus fare.

* Fran: Well maybe he is working late.
Ellen: And maybe pigs can fly.

Synopsis: The family is cleaning the house preparing for Vint and Naomi’s wedding the next day. Mama yells at Vint because he’s going to stag party. Buzz decides to go with Vint to the stag party. Decorations are getting put up in the living room when Ellen arrives. She isn’t acting like herself. She hugs Mama. But then she informs everyone she won’t be at the wedding tomorrow, but she will help decorate for it. Naomi arrives with wine, beer, chips and dip. Ellen and Fran enjoy the wine while Mama gets her beer. Naomi makes a toast and Ellen runs off. Mama follows her into the kitchen and tries to tell her what’s wrong, but Mama gets on a roll and talks over her. She breaks down into tears. Later that evening they are all drunk. Fran plays the piano and they are singing and dancing. They run out of wine and Naomi and Fran go to the kitchen for more wine, and more beer for Mama. They discuss Ellen. Naomi tells Fran that Ellen’s husband is having an affair and that’s why Ellen is so upset. Ellen comes into the kitchen to find out where the wine is and Aunt Fran starts hugging her and telling her she loves her. Mama checks on Fran and Fran spills the beans. Naomi sends Sonya off to bed. She states she has no parenting skills but wishes that they taught a parenting class in high school. They all agree. Ellen tells the ladies she thinks her husband is cheating on her. She had decided she is going to divorce him. Mama tries to dissuade her. Fran says he could be working late. Ellen calls him at the office and he answers. He’s still at the office and Peggy is there too. Ellen thinks he’s just working late at the office. Now Ellen is happy again, and grateful that Eunice didn’t show up. But Eunice has just walked in the back door. They talk about Eunice’s solo at the wedding and Naomi doesn’t want it. They share stories about Eunice basically making an ass out of herself. All the while, Eunice is listening. She bursts in and makes a scene. Ellen runs for it and Eunice starts baa-aa-ing at her. The two argue. Eunice happily tells her that her husband Bruce is having an affair with his secretary Peggy. Ellen flips out. Buzz brings Vint back. Naomi and Eunice have a fight. Ellen and Eunice continue their fight.

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