The Golden Girls S01, Ep03 – Rose the Prude

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Title: Rose the Prude
Original Air Date: September 28, 1995

Guest Stars:
Harold Gould: Arnie Peterson

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: Discard already, I’m 80 I’d like to live long enough to see the next hand.

* Rose: Last week I went out with this man who talked for two hours about his prostrate problems. I lived in Minnesota for 51 years and I never even heard of a prostrate.
Dorothy: Honey, they don’t have them there, it’s too cold.

* Blanche: Oh Dorothy, would you please open this jar of macadamia nuts for me?
Dorothy: Can’t get it open?
Blanche: Oh I didn’t try I don’t want to risk cracking a nail.
Dorothy: What are these, claws?
Blanche: Well I figured you wouldn’t mind seeing as how you work with your hands all day.
Dorothy: I’m a teacher, I grade papers. I don’t shuck oysters.

* Dorothy: Back off Blanche. Not all of us are classified by the Navy as a friendly port.

* Arnie: If you like me it’s for who I am, not for I remind you of.

* Dorothy: How long did you wait after George died?
Sophia: Until the paramedics came.

* Blanche: I’m going to have to meet men lying down.
Sophia: I thought you did.

* Rose: I’m afraid if we make love, I’ll kill you.

* Blanche: Most of the boys I dated in college were just for the stories.
Dorothy: You must have more stories then O Henry.

Synopsis: Dorothy and Sophia are playing cards out on the Lanai. Blanche comes running out begging Dorothy to go on her double date with her. Dorothy turns her down. Rose comes out on the Lanai as well and Blanche asks her as well. She gives in. Blanche returns from her date later than evening and there is a commotion in the kitchen. Sophia beat Dorothy at Gin Rummy. Dorothy asks about the date. For Blanche it was a disaster, but Rose and her date hit it off. Rose comes home and tells them how much fun she had. Dorothy is happy for Rose, but Blanche is bitter. The next afternoon Blanche asks Dorothy to open a jar so she won’t mess up her nails. Sophia tells them she’s going next door for a club meeting. They send their photos to Willard Scott saying they are 100. As she leaves Rose and Arnie are making out on the porch. She goes to the Lanai and the girls follow. She tells them Arnie wants to take her on a cruise. They can’t figure out why she’ upset about it. She explains she hasn’t been with a man since her husband died. But she decides to go. On the cruise ship Rose is a tad tense. Arnie plays some Glen Miller and they dance. She starts talking about Charlie. Arnie points out that he’s not Charlie. He kisses her and she freaks out and hides in the bathroom. Back at the house, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia can’t sleep so they have some tea and talk. They wonder what Rose will do with Arnie. They talk about sex. Who their firsts after their divorces were. Back on the ship, Rose spent the night in the bathroom. Arnie has found another available room so she won’t be uncomfortable. They talk about their spouses. Then she tells him the truth. She’s worried she’ll kill him as Charlie died making love to her. Arnie tries to calm her fears and doesn’t pressure her. At the house Sophia tries to temp Dorothy to play Gin with her again. Dorothy refuses. Sophia likes to play cards because of the conversations they produce. Blanche runs in and announces Rose is back. Rose comes in and tells them how much fun she had. Dorothy flips out and demands to know if she and Arnie got together. Rose doesn’t answer. She finally admits yes. Dorothy and Sophia start playing cards.

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