Family Matters S01, Ep02 – Two Income Family

Show: Family Matters
Season: 1
Episode: 2
Title: Two Income Family
Original Air Date: September 29, 1989

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Favorite Quotes:

* Eddie: I think I’d look great in a pair of Michael Jordans.
Carl: I think you’d look great in a military academy.

* Carl: I guess I’ll dump in some more of that tune up in a can stuff.
Harriet: I tried that. The car spit it back at me.

* Carl: Edward, your mother was just fired.
Eddie: From her job?
Carl: No, from a canon.

* Laura: You’re supposed to use a sponge.
Judy: I did, but it still didn’t get all that glue off my tongue.

* Carl: That was some wicked morning sickness.
Harriet: Yeah, but after the doctor prescribed those pills you were fine.

* Rachel: Girls you can put those turnips away. Tonight we are eating steak.
Laura: What happened? You hit a cow on the highway?

Synopsis: The girls are doing homework in the kitchen as Carl comes in to pay the bills. Rachel comes down with Richie. She realizes he’s paying bills and she grabs the baby and runs. Eddie comes in and asks for new shoes. Carl shut him down. Harriet comes home and they discuss their finances. Carl tells Harriet to ask for a raise. The next day Eddie tries to get new high tops yet again, and Carl tells him no. Harriet comes home and tells Carl she asked for a raise. She got a pink slip in response and severance pay. Rachel and the girls come into the kitchen and learn that Harriet no longer has a job. They pick up extra work folding, stuffing and sealing mail. Carl tries to pump Harriet up, but fails. Eddie tries a third time for the high tops and is shut down again. Harriet gets back home rather fast. Sadly, the car done, it’s on fire. The next day Mother Winslow makes dinner. But it’s not edible. She tells the family about the depression, and manages to depress them all. Harriet sits on the back porch swing, depressed. Carl tries to comfort her. She tells him about a security job at the Chronicle and he believes she can do it. Harriet applies but is turned away, as Mr. Seeger tells her she is not qualified. She blows up at him and storms out. Harriet finally gets home and tells Carl what happened. Eddie announces he’s saved enough money for his new shoes, however, instead of buying new shoes he gives it to his parents to help with the bills. Rachel comes in with food and congratulates Harriet. Rachel is excited over Harriet’s new job, but Harriet tells her she didn’t get it. Harriet calls Mr. Seeger to straighten it all out. She gets off the phone and she got the job.

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