Mama’s Family S01, Ep01 – Vint and the Kids Move In

Show: Mama’s Family
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: Vint and the Kids Move In
Original Air Date: January 22, 1983

Guest Stars:
Betty White: Ellen Harper Jackson

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Favorite Quotes:

* Fran: That paper goes to every house in Raytown.
Mama: Well sure, they throw it on your porch whether you want it or not. All it does is lay out there and tip off the burglars that nobody’s home.

* Fran: I tell you there is a book in me.
Mama: It’s gonna stay in there too.

* Mama: I need a beer. The only way I’m gonna keep from going crazy is to stay half lit.

* Mama: I haven’t told her yet. I have to think of the right words.
Ellen: How about “Fran, I shafted you.”

* Mama: You don’t need that damn studio. For twenty years you’ve been sitting on that book like a hen trying to lay an egg.
Fran: For your information I have finished the first three chapters.

* Mama: How did this smut get into my house?
Fran: That is my book!!!

Synopsis: Aunt Fran is not eating breakfast as fast as Mama would like. Mama is worried she will be late for the start of a sale. The phone rings and it’s Fran’s editor from the newspaper. She runs off to the paper to edit her article and Mama has no way to get to her sale. They argue. Fran asks her to finally clean out the room she is using as a studio to write a book. Fran threatens to move out if the room doesn’t get cleaned out. Vint comes over with the kids and some laundry. He drops a bomb on Mama that he and the kids were evicted and have no place to live. Mama agrees to let them move in. Ellen comes over to get her stuff, but she is upset because she is late for a pedicure. They reminisce about old times. Vint falls down the stairs. As Vint and the kids are moving stuff into the house, Naomi their neighbor pops in. She’s complaining about Mama’s tree dripping wax on her car and driveway. Naomi threatens a lawsuit. Vint comes in and she forgets about her car and starts flirting with him. She does a little cheer. Vint is taken by her. Naomi asks if Vint can take care of the tree. She then asks him out and he happily accepts. In all the madness Fran comes home and asks what’s going on. When Fran finds out she has lost her studio and that Vint and the kids are moving in she has a conniption fit. Sonya stumbles across Fran’s book and starts reading it to Mama, who calls it smut. Mama is shocked she was actually writing. Fran has a total meltdown and threatens to move out. She calms down. Mama hollers supper. Fran is suddenly filled with excuses regarding moving out. They all sit down to dinner and break into a huge arguement.


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