The Golden Girls S01, Ep01 – The Pilot

Show: The Golden Girls
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Title: Pilot, AKA The Engagement
Original Air Date: September 14, 1985

Guest Stars:
Charles Levin: Coco
Frank Aletter: Harry
William Parker: The Minister
Meshach Taylor: The Cop

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: It’s Miami in June only cats are wearing fur.

* Blanche: And he’s still interested.
Rose: In what?
Dorothy: Rose, if you have to ask it doesn’t matter anymore.

* Dorothy: You’ll know when you hear it come out of your mouth? This isn’t a belch Blanche, this is marriage.

* Dorothy: Will you look at this? She has more colors than Benjamin Moore Paints.

* Rose: Sit down Sophia, you must be exhausted.
Sophia: Why I rode in the cab, I didn’t push it.

*Sophia: You look like a prostitute.

* Harry: Well you must be Blanche’s sister.
Sophia: You must be blind.

* Sophia: I go to the bathroom every morning at 7am like clockwork. Unfortunately, I don’t wake up till 8.

* Blanche: When I get nervous I have to go all the time. Public bathrooms are so hard for me. I wash my hands so thoroughly and then find it so hard to get back out without touching the door knob.

Synopsis: Coco is cooking in the kitchen, when Dorothy comes in and complains about the students she is teaching. Rose enters and complains about her job at grief counseling. Blanche asked Dorothy if she can borrow her stole for her date with Harry. Everyone is curious who Harry is as they have not met him yet. Dorothy and Rose complain out their age and how they would like to be younger. Dorothy asks Blanche “who is Harry?” Blanche extols his virtues, but Dorothy is not impressed. Blanche also informs them he has proposed and wants an answer tonight. Blanche is on the fence as to whether to say yes or no. Rose and Blanche are worried. Dorothy and Rose go to Blanche’s room to try and find out what is going on. They are worried they won’t have a place to live. Blanche worries that her husband might disapprove. The doorbell rings and Harry has arrived, however, when Dorothy opens the door it’s Sophia. She informs them that her rest home has burned down. Blanche comes in and Sophia insults her. Dorothy and Sophia argue over the cab. The doorbell rings again and this time it is Harry. Blanche introduces everyone. Blanche and Harry leave for dinner. Sophia takes a dislike to him. The girls discuss how said it will be if they have to leave. Later, that night out on the lanai, Rose, Dorothy and Coco are having a drink. They come back in from the lanai and Rose talks about her husband as if he is still alive. Blanche comes home and tells them about the dinner they had. They ask Blanche what she decided. Blanche says yes next week. Rose and Dorothy freak out and ask where everyone will live. Blanche says they can stay there until they find a place. The honeymoon is in New York. They discuss Dorothy’s shotgun wedding to Stan, because she was pregnant. That it lasted 38 years before he left her for a stewardess. Sophia gets woken up and is confused. They all have tea. It’s the day of the wedding. Rose is suspicious of Harry and wants to stop the wedding. Dorothy stops her each time. Blanche can’t stop crying, she’s happy and sad, and conflicted. Blanche is still upset, she can’t stand the thought of leaving her two best friends. Coco comes in and let’s them know the minister has arrived. Harry is a half hour late. The minister threatens to leave. The doorbell rings and it’s a police officer. The police officer informs Blanche that Harry has been arrested for being a bigamist. He gives Blanche a note from Harry. Blanche is distraught and humiliated. Several days later Blanche finally comes out of her room and depression. She tells the girls that they are her family and they make her happy to be alive.

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