The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep12 – The Silver Liner

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 12

Title: Chamber of Secrets

Original Air Date: January 11, 2022

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Core samples continue to be drilled in the money pit. The sample brought over is from AB13.5. This sample has nothing exciting. The target depth is 65 to 75 feet. Later in the war room they meet with Scott Clarke, he’s a freemason. A ship called Concepcion is discussed. Back at the money pit, Dan Henske has joined the group. The get the core sample from 77. It’s partial because there was a lot of water. This bore hole may have just missed the target they sought. The next hole will go north. Gary and several others have gone to Lot 4 to metal detect. He finds a tin can lid. The next hit is on the surface so they can pick it up. It’s a piece of copper sheet. The next day they continue working at the swamp. Gary detects a new pile that Billy dug up. He finds another piece of wood. A second piece of wood is also found. It’s smaller than the first. Carmen Legge drives in to look at more pieces in the research center. He looks at the copper sheeting and confirms its copper sheeting. He says its primitively made. Based on how it’s formed it would on a box corner. Only boxes that held valuables would have the copper sheeting. It could go all the way back to the 1100s. Marty, Craig and Scott Barlow meet in the research center to discuss the drilling. Marty does a rough sketch of what he thinks is going on. He thinks there is a bow in the flood tunnel. They may be able to block the flood tunnel with a casing. They drill one more bore hole. In the swamp, another piece of wood with a hole is found. Rick and Marty go down to the swamp to talk to the guys. They are wrapping up the swamp for the season. They need the water for the wash plant. The large drilling is going to start at the money pit soon. The only water they can use is from the swamp. It needs time to refill with water so they can use the water for the wash plant to clean and sort everything they dig up in the money pit.

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