Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 20 (story 3)

While they celebrate, the time monster returns and grabs them all. They are dropped in Ancient Roman Times. They are all tied to posts. The game at hand is to see who can hit the captive the most with the stick without killing them. Wonder Woman breaks her ties and requests they all throw them at her. They comply. She doesn’t die so they go after her with swords. She pulls her post out and catches all the swords with them. A single soldier tries to go one on one with her. She wins again. She now demands all the women be freed. The spectators want them fed to lions. Wonder Woman appeals to Julius Cesar. He agrees to free them. Others protest because he is going against the people’s will. He does not relent. He bows down to Wonder Woman and kisses her hand. Wonder Woman is flattered. However, below, the ladies are not freed. They are sold as slaves. Julius Cesar throws a party for Wonder Woman. Another man wants to marry Wonder Woman. Cesar tells him she’s not a slave, he has to ask her, and she has to consent. They get informed a pirate is attacking and plundering on the coast. Stevus races to his fleet of ships and Wonder Woman races off to help. Julius Cesar gives her his horse. She carries the horse till she catches up to Stevus. Stevus is impressed. They see a villa being burned and they become surrounded by pirates. Rufus tells Wonder Woman he has her friends. She surrenders to save them. Stevus finishes the pirates and discovers Wonder Woman is missing. He thinks she fled but she’s actually been captured. Rufus assumes all his men were killed because the Romans are not pursuing. He demands the slaves row. Nifta drugs Wonder Woman in her quarters on the boat. While she is out cold her bracelets have been welded. Her strength is gone. Nifta questions Wonder Woman. When she does not get the answers she wants, she tells her head slave to take the girls to the lions. Wonder Woman is still able to act. She knocks Nifta out. Several pirates rush in and her find her knocked out. Wonder Woman is taken to the galley and turned into a rower. Stevus has managed to catch up to Rufus’s ship. Rufus switches to sails and starts to put distance between them. Wonder Woman is told to row faster and harder. She does so breaking the oar. She attacks the pirate controlling them. She then smashes all the oars so no one can row. Stevus and his troops board Rufus’s ship. Stevus sees Wonder Woman in battle and he’s shocked. Nifta is captured too. She no longer wants revenge and the time monster disappears. Wonder Woman will take her to Reform Island when they get back.

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