Star Wars comic book 1983 issue 68

Luke, Leia, Lando and Chewbacca begin preparations to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hutt. Leia thinks of the romance they had been having up until he was frozen in carbonite. She has kept him out of her mind to focus on the rebellion, but now that there is hope, she can think of him again. They seek out a bounty hunter who was cut out of his share in the hopes he will provide information. The falcon and two other crafts take off in this search. Princess Leia goes to Mandalore. She runs into slavers. They have storm troopers protecting them. But a group of Mandalorians comes on the scene and attacks them. Boba Fett is leading them. He tries to destroy the control box and free all those captured. As one of the slavers is about to attack and kill Boba Fett, Leia saves him. Someone tries to attack C-3PO. The leader of the group invites Princess Leia to a celebratory dinner. Boba Fett and she exchange some words after she accepts. She’s taken to their base deep in the forest. She and Fenn (the leader) talk. He tells her about his life and how he was forced to fight for the emperor even though he was Mandalore protector. He, his friend Tobbi and Boba Fett have been working together to rid the planet of slavers and return it to the Mandalorians. Leia tells him she is looking for information to find a bounty hunter. He’s got him in cage. Leia would like to take Dengar back for questioning. Fenn refuses. His friend Tobbi got captured and he’s going to trade him for Dengar. Dengar tells Leia that if she gets him out of the cage, he will tell her anything she wants. Leia tries to sneak out that night, but Fenn stops her. Now it’s C-3PO’s job to get Dengar. C-3PO cuts the suspension cord and the cell falls quickly, landing on the guards. Meanwhile, Leia and Fenn are still walking. She asks him to kiss her. When he finally does, she knocks him out. She returns to camp to get C3PO and Dengar. Dengar knows who Leia is and no longer wants to tell her anything. Instead, he has signaled the storm troopers. They are now surrounded.

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