Wonder Woman comic book 1946 issue 20 (story 2)

Still in the hideout, the monster Wonder Woman has been seeing, materializes so all can see it. He grabs an armful of hostages. Wonder Woman throws her lasso on him and hangs on for dear life. Suddenly, it starts breathing flames. It creates a flame tornado and poof its gone. Steve goes to Paula for help. Paula uses the mental radio to reach out to Wonder Woman’s mother for help. Queen Hippolyte checks her magic sphere. She determines it’s a time monster that dragged them back to the 18th century. The Queen instructs them to use Paula’s time transformer and go to Charleston Harbor year 1750 immediately. Etta, Steve and three Holliday girls will make the trip. Paula instructs them to send her a message on the mental radio when they are ready to come back. When they arrive in 1750 they are on a ship and they are wealthy travelers. A pirate ship approaches them and they get boarded and attacked. Wonder Woman is on a military ship. She spots the ship under attack. They are far away though. She lassos the ship and jumps in the water and swims as fast as she can to get the ship in striking distance. They quickly arrive at the ships side. A battle begins. Wonder Woman stops the first cannon. On the second pirate ship there are more. But Wonder Woman throws that one towards space. In the battle on deck, Steve’s sword breaks. Wonder Woman jumps in and saves him. They capture redbeard and his pirates.

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