The Golden Girls S03, Ep08 – Brotherly Love

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 8

Title: Brotherly Love

Original Air Date: November 14, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Blanche: Why do men have to put up false pretenses?
Sophia: This from a woman who wears more padding on her chest than Johny Bench.

* Dorothy: Go hug a landmine.

* Dorothy: Welcome to my life.

* Ted: I don’t want to put you out.
Blanche: Oh, I like to put out.

* Blanche: Try counting sheep.
Rose: I can’t count sheep, I’m allergic to wool.

* Rose: Ted was your date, Blanche. Dorothy you must have slept with somebody else.

* Blanche: I’m simply questioning how any man could choose you over me.

* Rose: You mean if I stop drinking that I can sleep?
Dorothy: You may even blink again.

* Rose: You’re not a terrible person, you’re just horny all the time.

* Dorothy: What is this, Hamlet?


Blanche comes into the kitchen with groceries. She’s upset. The attorney she has been dating is actually a fruit waxer at the local grocery store. Rose comes in still wearing her pajamas and tries to leave for work. She didn’t sleep. After she calls Dorothy Mama she wakes up. Rose then tells a St. Olaf story about a milk diving contest. The doorbell rings and it’s Stan and his brother. The girls come in the living room and Dorothy is thrilled to see Ted. Rose is still confused. When Dorothy announces that Ted is a doctor, Blanche suddenly becomes interested in him. Once she learns he’s divorced she practically sits in his lap. She asks him out. He tells her no, but Stan says go ahead. They return and he tries to go while she wants him to stay over. She throws herself at him and he turns her down. Rose comes out, she still can’t sleep. Then Sophia comes out. Ted takes this opportunity to leave. As he leaves, Dorothy arrives. She just finished parent teacher meetings. Ted invites Dorothy for a drink. The next morning Rose finds Sophia in the kitchen and tells her she hasn’t slept in 4 nights. Rose then tells another St. Olaf story. Sophia gives Rose something to drink She tells her is Sicilian Sominex. She is holding a pan over Rose’s head and about to hit her with it when Blanche comes in and stops her. Stan comes in the back door. He tells her she must have had a good time with Ted. He’s come over looking for Ted. Blanche tells Stan that Ted is not there. Stan tells them that Ted never came home. He goes out the front door and finds him in Dorothy’s arms. Stan is horrified. Stan makes Ted leave with him. Blanche is furious with Dorothy about Ted. She storms out. Dorothy goes to talk with Blanche. Dorothy tells Blanche that Ted said they did not hit it off or have anything in common. They start to get a bit childish with each other. Dorothy takes it to a new low about Blanche’s sexual escapades. Rose offers to make Dorothy some tea. She’s been drinking it at night. Dorothy sees its full of caffeine. Rose thinks it’s calcium. Dorothy tells her no, the caffeine is why she can’t sleep. Dorothy tells her to stop drinking it so she can sleep. That night, Ted and Dorothy go dancing. Stan shows up. Stan tries to dance with Dorothy. He tells her about plane tickets that Ted bough. Stan thinks ted is going to propose to Dorothy. Stan becomes incredibly jealous. Stan pushes it to marrying Dorothy. Ted tells them both that he wants to take a flight attendant to Acapulco. He wants Dorothy to babysit. Dorothy is pissed. She leaves. Before she does she announces that Ted is impotent. Blanche finds Rose finally asleep in her bed. She tries to wake her up. She’s upset about Dorothy. There’s a knock and it’s Dorothy. Blanche runs and hides behind the drapes. Dorothy admits she should never have let a man come between her and her best friend. Blanche rushes out and tells her she forgives her. Dorothy is startled that Blanche appeared out of nowhere. They make up. Sophia comes in with something to help Rose sleep. She made a Sicilian sleeping potion. Dorothy doesn’t think it would work. She takes a sip and then faints. She faked it to make her happy. However, a few moments later, Dorothy really passes out.

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