The Golden Girls S03, Ep07 – Strange Bedfellows

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 7

Title: Strange Bedfellows

Original Air Date: November 7, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Sophia: Easy on the arm. You break it you pay for it.

* Dorothy: It’s like having Agatha Christy in our kitchen. Rose, Blanche is that little floozy.

* Blanche: Oh my God. My backside is spread all across the front page. How could they do that?
Sophia: They probably used a wide-angle lens.

* Blanche: Now did that sound like liar.
Dorothy: No, it sounded like Jim and Tammy Faye on night line.

* Blanche: Are you trying to tell me that people like you better now because they think you went to bed with a gorgeous, intelligent woman?

* Blanche: You’ll never be a great man Gil without being an honest man.

* Blanche: I don’t normally speak to people who call me a liar.


The ladies host a fundraiser for Gil Kessler. He’s running for city council. Sophia comes out and makes a comment. Dorothy drags her in the kitchen. Sopha calls him a wimp. Dorothy is forced to agree. Sophia has a strange feeling about him. The meeting wraps up and Gil leaves. The girls are excited. Rose says she worked on the Dewey campaign, but it was the Dewey decimal system. Blanche comes out of the kitchen with a folder that Gil left behind. Blanche winds up taking it to him. The next morning Rose wakes up Dorothy because she is assembling bird feeders for the campaign. Sophia comes in with a paper and she’s amused. Rose sees the paper and gasps. They caught Gil Kessler having an affair. Dorothy takes a look and realizes it’s Blanche in the picture. Rose thinks someone stole Blanche’s clothes. It takes her a minute to realize. Blanche comes in the kitchen. Rose shows her the paper. Blanche is horrified by the picture. Blanche denies having an affair with him. She says she dropped off the folder, talked for two hours and helped him pick out his tie, sock, and hankie combo. They believe her denial. Kessler is going to have a press conference later that day to address this. Later that day, Sophia tells Dorothy a story from Sicely. Blanche and Rose join them and turn on the TV. The press conference is about to start. Blanche starts naming reporters. But Gil doesn’t’ tell the truth, he tells them that he did have an affair. He won’t identify the woman, bu tall the reporters do. He then apologizes to Blanche. But Dorothy and Rose think Blanche lied. The next day, Dorothy and Rose won’t talk to Blanche. They believe Gil instead of Blanche. The phone rings and Blanche denies what she did to the caller. Dorothy keeps pushing that she is lying. Blanche goes down to Gil’s office. She shoves a woman out of the way and storms into Gil’s office. She confronts him. He tells her he lied because no one listens to him. He admits he’s a coward. People like him better now. He tells her that people have always looked past him. She tells him that he’s an honest man and that is why she believed in him. But he can’t be great if he is not honest. It’s the night before the election. Everyone is at a meeting for Gil. Blanche arrives and gets hounded by the press. She and Dorothy share some words. Gil comes out and speaks. He thanks everyone. He then admits that Blanche and he didn’t have an affair. He said they did to make himself look better. He then admits to having a sex change in the 60s. Dorothy and Rose arrive home. Rose is still puzzled over many aspects of the operation Gil had. They are worried Blanche will hate them for a long time. Blanche admits that all her talking led to this as well. They make up with a group hug. They start asking her about stories she has told them about men she has told them about. But her fingers are crossed behind her back.

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