The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep07 – It All Adze Up

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 7

Title: It All Adze Up

Original Air Date: December 14, 2021

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The team meets in the war room. They ask Laird about the swamp. They have permission to dig on the south of the swamp and the paved area. Marty admits he has been wrong about the swamp. All the finds in the swamp are discussed briefly. Billy recommends bringing in an excavator with a 80 foot reach to continue digging where they are allowed to. In the money pit, bore hole F2 is being drilled. It’s one of 20 new bore holes being dug in the C-1 cluster. They have brought up evidence of tunnels. This hole lines up with D2 where they found metal. They get a sample from 82-89 feet. It’s heavy and nearly all wood. Terry thinks it’s a shaft wall based on how its cut. Steve points out that its either part of an undocumented tunneling system around C-1 or it’s the money pit. Gary and Rick metal detect on Lot 4. In the war room, we get a flashback of Zena’s map. They are now investigating metal results. They need compelling evidence in this area to get a permit for excavation. Gary gets a hit. He finds a large and heavy iron spike. He gets another hit. It’s possibly an adz (sp?) This is an ancient Egyptian took used for shipbuilding. The next day, the excavator with an 80-foot reach is brought on the island. Billy drives it off the truck and moves it into place. He digs the first bucketful. Marty is on a smaller excavator removing water from the area as it seeps in. Laird joins them. Marty is actually trying to build a drainage ditch to have the water that comes in flow out through. Billy digs up a big log. It appears to be oak. It was 4 – 6 feet below the swamp’s water level. It has the roots so it was there before the swamp because oak can’t grow under water. It will be fully tested. That afternoon Marty, Alex and Jack go to see Carmen Legge. They have taken what they think is an adz cutting tool too him. He says it’s an English style topping Adze. It was used to smooth lumber. He looks at the hole for the handle which is square shaped. He dates it from 1620 to 1740. Marty thinks this tool could have been used to make cribbing for a tunnel. Back on the island, the team is called to the war room to discuss the English style adze. Everyone is shocked but happy about how he dated it. Rick thinks that whatever happened on the island took decades, not years. The next morning, digging continues at the swamp. It’s described as “the world’s worst jello.” A timber is found in the muck. It has been smoothed and worked possibly by an adze. There are hand cuts on the wood too. Laird comes to look at it. Rick decides to clean it up a bit. Marty joins them. Rick shows him the piece of wood. Gary spots another piece of wood in the muck pile. He makes a way to retrieve it. It’s nearly identical to the other piece. It even has the same notch in it. Marty takes the second piece to Rick to wash on the beach. Rick is hoping both pieces can be carbon dated. Billy says they look like the kind of wood you’d see on a wharf. That afternoon Dr. Brousseau back to the war room. She’s analyzed the metal object and the button. She started with the button. It’s a high zinc copper alloy. The copper loop on the back is high in bismuth. It’s most likely British origin. She dates it to 1726 to 1776. She moves on to the piece of metal. It’s a copper alloy with a high tin content. This type of metal was used by the Spanish and Portuguese to build cannons. It was also used to make bells. She asks about Lot 4. Rick tells her about Zena’s map. Doug points out that Portuguese explorers were the first to put cannons on their ships. The gun stones found are now discussed. They were determined to be of Portuguese origin.

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