The Golden Girls S03, Ep05 – Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 3 Episode: 5

Title: Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself

Original Air Date: October 24, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Dorothy: Rose, I take it that no member of your family was ever a returning champion on Jeopardy.

* Blanche: You were afraid of something? A big old strong strapping thing like you?
Dorothy: Who am I, Joe Frazier?

* Blanche: I don’t believe my ears. Girls, the entire purpose of this trip is to conquer our fears. Why, if we back out now that will mean that our fears have conquered us.

* Rose: If Blanche is right and we are going to die this afternoon, I’m glad we are together.


Sophia is baking lasagna. Dorothy and Blanche come in the kitchen to see what the smell. Sophia made it for a contest. They both love it, but Sophia says its garbage. Rose comes in with the mail and she is upset. Her aunt Gretchen died. Rose tells them she has to speak at her funeral. Her biggest fear is speaking in front of people. She has to do it because of tradition. She freaks out. Dorothy tells her to imagine everyone naked. Blanche tries and starts laughing at Dorothy. Rose starts laughing as well. Another day in the kitchen and Sophia is making Veal Parmesan. Sophia tells a story from when they were newlyweds. They had a fight, and he leaves. She starts to cook. Dorothy doesn’t understand what happened. Dorothy was conceived that night. Everyone winds up in the kitchen and Rose tells a St. Olaf story. She was 4th in her class but was the valedictorian. She had to give the speech. It didn’t go well and ever since then she is afraid of public speaking. Dorothy shares that she was afraid of flying. She had to get therapy to fly to her sister’s wedding. Blanche had a recurring dream about being trapped in a small space full of men. All the men were bald. The two try to build Rose up and send her to write her speech. Dorothy confesses she would hate to have to give a eulogy. Blanche asks her what she would say about her. They nearly get into an argument. Then Dorothy asks her what she would say. Dorothy made her feel safe. Dorothy does not like the rest of what she says. She gets a little revenge by telling her she’d say she was fat. That afternoon Rose joins them all the lanai to practice her eulogy. She starts and then stops. She asks them all to come with her for support. They agree to go with her. Rose exits to make plane reservations. Her aunt is being buried in the Bahamas. Sophia comments that she is glad Dorothy got over her fear of flying. She scares her by describing a small shaky and wobbly plane. Dorothy freaks out. The day of the trip Blanche is checking the weather. It should be nice. Dorothy comes out with an excuse about Sophia being sick and taking her to the hospital. She got food poisoning at the contest. She walks back in the house completely fine. She forgot the wine. Blanche points out that Dorothy made it up because she does not want to get on the plane. Now Rose refuses to go. Blanche gives a speech to inspire them to conquer their fears and go. They are all on the plane. Dorothy has a death grip on Blanche’s arm. Rose found a big bolt. As the plane prepares to take off Dorothy gets a bit freaked out. Blanche gives her some champagne to calm down. Dorothy just gets crankier. Blanche prompts her to work on the eulogy. Blanche suddenly freaks out. The plan is full of bald men. Dorothy is now drunk and no longer afraid. Blanche reminds them of her recurring dream. She left out the part where the plane crashes. The captain gives a short message. His name is Captain Lord. During the flight all three look extremely tense and afraid. Blanche tells a story about when they had a hurricane, and the power went out for two days. The captain comes on the speaker. They are heading towards a storm but have to turn around and go back to Miami. Rose is upset because she didn’t face her fear like the other two. Blanche tells her to give it now. Rose grabs the microphone controller to give her speech. She paints a scary picture of her aunt. But then realizes that her aunt was trying to help her not be scared. The three return home and Sophia is surprised. Sophia tells them how the cooking contest went. She was tied with another person. The other person died though. Sophia volunteered Rose to give the eulogy.

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