The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep05 – Hatching the Plan

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 5

Title: Hatching the Plan

Original Air Date: November 30, 2021

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In the money pit, the drilling around C-1 continues. They welcome the head of Irving to come up with a detailed plan on how to excavate the money pit. ROC equipment is there as well and others via video conference. Irving and ROC are working together on this. They are going to put 10 foot wide cans down. It will be a 2710 hammer grab used on these cans. Marty announces to everyone that they have proof of gold in this area. Everyone is ready to go. Craig tells Marty that they have picked four locations for these cans. Later, Billy, Rick and other members of the team are continuing to go through the Dunfield spoils. Billy points out wood. Rick goes down to take a closer look. Gary follows to metal detect. He finds a lot of iron. It’s a bit like a spike. Jack starts to dig. He finds a big timber. They work together and pull it out. There are also two fasteners. All will get tested. That afternoon Carmen Legge, the blacksmith expert, comes to the island. They show him the spike they found. He dates it to mid 1700s. He says it’s a cribbing spike. It would be for a mine shaft or wharf he says. Rick checks in on the money pit as they drill E1.5. The next sample they check has a lot of small pieces of wood, but there is also a block. You can see the striations from the saw still intact. This piece was at 90 feet. Back at the spoils pile, Jack is metal detecting. He gets a big hit and asks Billy to dig the section. The timber is a massive width that he pulls up. It has dowel holes. Jack continues to dig and finds another much larger spike than they have already. In the war room, they meet with Matt who worked with Zena and her map. He has a new translation to some of the map. He also points out how the lines are drawn on the map. The two at the top are done differently then all the rest of the lines. He tells them the correct translation is, “the hole under the hatch.” These two lines have been miss labeled. He then shows a satellite overlay. Lot 4 is pinpointed. Rick points out that if they can confirm any point on this map, it would be validating. Craig brings in a small team to do a survey to work on Zena’s map. They start on Lot 4 and 22. They are going to do a magnetometer scan. They assume the hatch is made of metal and this test could find the hatch. Back at the spoils pile, Billy points out something else to Jack. They find a rock that was split and leveled. Jack wants Steve, the surveyor, to come take a look and map it. Steve connects this to what was found in the swamp. Marty joins them and asks Billy to dig a trench so they can take a closer look. Dr. Spooner joins them too. He goes down to take a closer look. He finds a number of rocks and a grass horizon. Back in the war room, they is a report on the magnetometer scan. There is a number of pink spots that indicate anomalies. One is in the general area of where Zena’s map puts the hatch. Steve says he calculated the hatch on Zena’s map and its within 10 feet of this spot on the map.

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