The X Files S03, Ep05 – The List

Show: The X Files

Season: 3 Episode: 5

Title: The List

Original Air Date: October 20, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Warden: Neech Manly. Smart man, very smart mad. In fact, if he stayed outside, I would have figured him for a Nobel prize.

* Scully: What if it saves three lives? Isn’t that a deal worth making?

* Roque: You’re number 5. How’s it feel to be on death row, Warden?

* Warden: What do you say? Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
Speranza: A’right.

* Scully: A woman gets lonely, sometimes she can’t wait around for a man to be reincarnated.

* Mrs. Manly: It was him. He came back.

* Mulder: I just don’t see the motives. Do you?


A man is on the side of the road and a car pulls over to pick him up. At Eastpointe State Penitentiary a man is scheduled to be executed. He says a strange goodbye to his wife as he is taken to the electric chair. He refuses a hood. He tells them he will be reincarnated, and 5 men will die. They flip the switch while he is still talking. Mulder goes over the case with Scully. He was the getaway driver and hadn’t killed anyone. He became a writer. Mulder speaks of the 5 men that mistreated him. The first death is the prison guard that took care of him. He was found dead in the man’s cell. The warden thinks Manly planned this whole thing, the five deaths. The guards’ body is being held for an autopsy. Scully takes a look. When she uncovers him, he’s covered with maggots. She suggests refrigeration immediately or there will be no body left. They speak with another inmate. He thinks Neech is back, he can feel it. Scully requests to see the cell where the guard was murdered. The scene was not disturbed. She finds two flies. One of the prisoners call for help. Scully starts to explore some of the hallways. Someone grabs her. He tells her that he’s not going to hurt her, he has a list and gives her the name. He tells her his name and wants to help. Scully tells Mulder she is ready to go. The next day a group of inmates is on a work detail. One opens a can and freaks out. A guard’s head is in the can. The body hasn’t been found yet. The doctor has green bottle fly larvae. They lay eggs as quickly as 1 minute after death. He was suffocated or drowned. Mulder goes to see “Roque” he has the list. He overhead Neech tell someone the list and wrote the names down. He won’t give up the list without a deal. The warden won’t make a deal or back down. He won’t give in to inmates. The three walk into his office and find the rest of the second guard’s body. Scully and Mulder go through his cell again. His library is extensive. Mulder finds letters from Neech’s wife. They go to speak with her. She tells them she had the same dream many times. That they put him in the chair and flipped the switch and he wouldn’t die. She only got three personal visits right before he died, otherwise just through the glass. She thinks he could have come back. A guard comes to get Roque so the warden can talk to him. But they go a strange way. In a back hall the warden joins them. The warden hits him. He really just wants to know if he is on the list. He’s number 5. As Mulder and Scully leave Mrs. Manly’s house, Scully gets a call that Roque is dead. As Mrs. Manly watches out the window, the guard Parmelly walks up behind her. He kisses her. He tells her that Neech is not coming back. Mulder and Scully go back to the prison. The warden is going to order a lock down. Scully looks at the body really quick. Parmelly tells Scully that is number 3. Mulder tries to reason with the Warden. That the guard might not be the third victim. He asks for the name of the man that flipped the switch. Mulder and Scully go to his house. The doors are unlocked. The two walk right in. Scully finds maggots on the floor. She looks up and calls for Mulder. They upstairs and find him dead. Mulder goes back to stalk to Speranza. He tells Mulder he saw Neech standing outside his cell. He also tells him Roque was not on the list. Scully went through Neech’s call list. Neech called the man a lot and he’s come to visit Speranza three times since Neech’s death. He was Neech Manly’s defense lawyer. He heard about Neech’s death list. He’s trying to help him to save himself. He tells them he even went to see Manly’s wife, but her boyfriend pulled a gun on him. He’s a guard at the prison. The Warden goes to see Speranza. He offers to help if the deaths stop. At Charez’s place (the man who was Neech’s lawyer), his AC stops working and he opens a window. He has a drink and lays on the couch. A fly lands on his face. He opens his eyes to see Neech standing over him with a pillow. He’s suffocated to death. Mrs. Manly gets upset at Parmelly for being so late. She’s freaked out because Mulder and Scully are watching the house. Mulder and Scully drive away. They go back to the prison. They identify Parmelly. Scully tells the Warden about Charez. The warden informs them he was suffocated to death earlier that evening. He suggests that Parmelly be arrested. Mrs. Manly wakes in bed to find her husband standing in the bedroom doorway. She’s shocked and afraid. She gets up to find him. But finds Parmelly and tells him Neech is there. Cops show up, and Mulder and Scully are with them. Mrs. Manly picks up a gun and she thinks Parmelly is Neech now. They knock on the door. Scully goes to a window and sees that Mrs. Manly has a gun on Parmelly. You hear two shots. Mulder and Scully rush in. Parmelly is dead. Mrs. Manly swears it was Neech. A guard comes to take Speranza. He’s taken the same path as Roque to see the warden. He tells the warden there is one name left on the list to die. The warden beats him to death. Mulder and Scully are driving when Mulder pulls off the road. He’s confused and upset. The outcome does not make sense to him. The warden drives past them on the road. He suddenly swats at a fly on his face. He sees Neech in his rearview in the backseat. Neech wraps his arms around him to chock him to death and he crashes. He’s dead. Neech is gone. There’s only the fly on his bloody face.

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