The Curse of Oak Island S09, Ep02 – The Gold Metal

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 9 Episode: 2

Title: The Gold Metal

Original Air Date: November 9, 2021

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At the money pit they are chasing the wood they have found. The new bore hole is D-2. Marty informs viewers that the results of Dr. Spooner’s survey conclude that there are no natural sources of gold on the island to account for what they found. Back in the swamp, Rick and several archeologists and Billy keep working on the stone road. Craig arrives to help. Craig spots a wooden structure that has been uncovered. Craig jumps in to clean out more of the dirt. He wonders if it is what the Restalls found when they probed. We then get a flashback to Lee Lamb’s visit. It could be part of the Bobby Restall platform. In the money pit, the zone of interest in D-2 has been reached. They open the first core sample. It’s full of wood. Wood is piled on top of wood. Craig joins them to see the wood. Charles also metal detects and finds a chunk of metal. Terry takes a look and thinks it could be cement on the piece of metal. Charles has some history from a prior dig where they found something that was tested and came out a probably cement. Terry tries to clean it up a little. It’s the first metal of unknown origin in the money pit. Gary and Rick go to Lot 15 to metal detect. Gary has already flagged a number of hits. Now they are just going to dig them up. Now they have to do a grid search, document it, then get a permit to dig it up. This change was all due to other finds on the island. The first thing they dig up is trash. The second is an ox shoe. Rick wants this one compared to others they have found to see if they match. The piece of metal they found is going to be scanned using XRF. It’s got a few different metals and elements in it, including zinc, copper, iron and gold. The next day, the drilling in the money pit continues and so does digging in the swamp. They found some rocks in the swamp. Billy jumps in the excavator and starts clearing at Laird’s instruction. Billy points out some sticks and asks Rick to grab them in case they are important. Miriam looks too and she has never seen anything like it. She calls Laird over. None of them know what it is. We get a short recap of ship items found in the swamp. Later that afternoon, Gary and Rick go to Lot 16 to dig up hits. The first find is a heavy squared nail. As they head down towards the water, they found a good-sized piece of round shot or stone shot. They found something like this in money pit spoils too. Rick has just picked up Marty and Peter from the airport. Rick shows Marty the piece of metal they found that has a gold signature. Everyone meets together in the war room. Craig has samples laid out. He starts with CD2.5 91.5 feet, 1488-1650. D-2 had the piece of metal with gold on it. The wood was sent for testing. At 90 feet 1488-1650. Rick discusses how he had thought that some theories would be eliminated by artifacts and evidence. But as of yet they have not been able to definitively disprove any theories.

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