The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep25 – The Silver Spooner

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 25

Title: The Silver Spooner

Original Air Date: May 4, 2021

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The meeting with Dr. Spooner continues. He tells them that around those four holes there is a lot of silver. A dump truck sized amount of silver. C-1 is one of the four holes. Marty confirms that this bore hole has never been contaminated. This is also the hole where they thought they saw some shiny gold. Rick calls it an “ah ha” moment. Marty classifies this as direct evidence. Dr. Spooner is asked to take sediment samples to do further analysis. The next morning, Dr. Spooner and Alex go to C-1 to get the sediment samples. Rick and Charles and two archaeologists and Billy and Gary are working on the cobblestone pathway. They find more than a dozen more pieces of ceramic. Aaron Taylor starts identifying them and it’s a big date range. Rick starts to uncover something different because it’s round. He gets it out. It could be a metal weight. It’s a metal cylinder. Rick wants to do XRF on it. It’s a form of x-ray that can determine what metal elements it contains. Gary, Steve and Billy go to Lot 32. This where the lead bag seal was found. Billy is digging. Gary runs his detector over every scoop of dirt. They find an old piece of wood with a pretty good-sized hole. Gary thinks its from a ship. He also thinks it could be a door latch. Steve points out it lines up with the ship anomaly. In the war room, they video conference. The possible weight is discussed as it could be a trade weight. The XRF says its mostly copper and about 1/10th of a pound or 45 grams. It is consistent with the weight of a troy ounce. The next day at the cobblestone path they continue to try and find where this road leads too. Aaron has found a burn layer. It’s like there is a hearth in the middle of the road. Dr. Spooner thinks there could have been a forge or blacksmith on the pathway. That afternoon, Rick goes to Lot 25. Laird and his team is closing out the seasons investigation at the Ball Foundation. The find of the button through them a curveball. So has the size of Ball’s home. The massive wharf was also a unique find. It could connect him to all the goings on on the island. Rick heads back to the cobblestone. More of it has been discovered. The new section is about 9 feet wide and leads towards the money pit. Rick wants everyone to head to the war room to discuss the season and where to go next. The 600-foot-long cobblestone road is discussed first. There is nothing written anywhere about this road. They also proved the swamp was man made. Rick thinks the road was built well before any treasure was buried on the island. Dr. Spooner does not believe a farmer or anyone like that would need to build anything like the road. Gary summarizes all the evidence and that it predates the money pit. It was all to bury the treasure. Steve then takes over and puts a map up. It first shows all the locations worked. Then he adds all the artifacts found. There were 700 in total. Steve gives a theory that there is more that just than cobblestone road. Steve and Gary continued searching through Lot 14 and 15 to find evidence that the stone road continued. They found a lot of evidence. He wants to find a way to connect all those finds to the road and it may give them an X marks the spot. Now Rick asks Dr. Spooner about the results he got back. He tells them the sediments are low on metals. It’s only the water that has the high metal content. The water content proves there is a lot of silver in the area. They can’t check for gold because it does not dissolve in water or affect water. But as Marty points out gold is usually found with silver. He puts the big dig back on the table. They go through their end of season ritual and say a prayer.

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