The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep14 – A Bend in the Road

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 14

Title: A Bend in the Road

Original Air Date: February 16, 2021

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Tom Nolan joins the team at the swamp to see the ringbolt. Fred Nolan had discovered and mapped the bolt previously. Back at the money pit, the four supervising the drilling are working diligently. They may have found the Tupper Shaft. At the Ball foundation, Laird has uncovered an overly large cellar. The question is why was it so big? Gary has been given permission to metal detect the area too. He gets a hit and finds something copper. The next hit is thought to be a musket decoration. It has the word or name, “Patten” engraved on it. Charles and Jack take Tome Nolan and the ringbolt to Carmen Legge. He says it was made by a very experienced blacksmith. It is indeed a ringbolt that was made for wood. He confirms this item for mooring a ship. Tom tells Carmen that his father, Fred Nolan, found at least three other ringbolts. This ringbolt dates from the 1600s to 1760. Charles and Tom Nolan update the team on the ringbolt. Doug posits that the wharf at the opening of the swamp could have only fallen out of use because it was buried when the swamp was filled in. Back at the stone feature in the swamp, the archeologists continue to uncover more of the stones. One finds something that doesn’t seem to fit. He’s found a bluish slate. He wants Dr. Spooner to look at it. He comes right over. He removes it so Dr. Spooner can examine it. It gets his attention. It does have a hole. He is curious if there are more of these bluish stones. Billy has theorists that a pulley system could have been used to pull things up this road. The archeologist confirms this is a manmade road. He feels that the road is turning up. However, if there is a turn it will be obvious very shortly. Back at the money pit, they are in CD8.5 at about 100 feet. Trying to confirm if it is the Tupper Shaft. This shaft was built 10 feet northeast of the original money pit. At 103.5 there is still wood. But this is axe cut wood. It’s been hand hewn. Rick comes down to see what’s going on. Rick asks that they define two walls. They need to determine the exact orientation of Tupper Shaft to pinpoint the original money pit. There’s a group meeting in the war room regarding something Doug found in Dan’s files. He does a presentation that shows prior digs and shafts that have been confirmed. He’s been able to narrow down a smaller area that the money pit most likely resides in. The money pit might actually be to the west of the Tupper Shaft, not the east. Marty is shocked. They’ve put in hundreds of holes looking for the money pit. They may have just been in the right area for the original money pit. They all agree to shift the drilling focus west. Shaft C1 they previously drilled in 2015 might likely have hit the corner of it.

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