The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep08 – High on the Bog

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 8

Title: High on the Bog

Original Air Date: December 29, 2020

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In the war room, a video chat with a number of the team takes place. They are chatting with Erin. She used the first set of data the team provided her from their first meeting. She has now updated her map and data points on her master map. She now informs them of the next phase. She tells them the money pit is a baited trap to waste time. She has used information from Zena Halperin as well. She says its 542 feet away from the money pit. She only has a length of 1,065 feet. It hits one of the stones in Nolan’s Cross. It’s buried at the end of a corridor under or starting at the bottom stone of Nolan’s Cross. Every member of the team is speechless. She warns them that drilling straight down will likely set off a trap. She tells them to start at the corridor at 542 feet. The next day Rick and Steve go to the money pit. They are drilling a core hole that could intersect the corridor that Erin described as being there. This bore hole is EJZ1. Numismatist Sandy Campbell. He will take a look at the three very old coins they found. He thinks that one coin is Chinese and dates back at least eleven (11) centuries back. He informs them that Chinese coins were not used throughout the world as they did not travel with them like other cultures did. He thinks that people would get the coins in China and carry them with them for luck instead of use as money. Gary and Jack join the meeting with Sandy, Rick, and Charles. He officially dates the coin from 400 BC to 900 AD. Back at the bore hole, the contents of a sample have Rick intrigued. Gary and Peter go metal detecting what was the beach before the road was put in. He finds a ship or wharf pin. He dates it the 1700s maybe a little older. Back at the bore hole EJZ1, the next sample comes up with four feet of sand that appears to be natural. They did not find Erin’s tunnel, just a sandy seam. Steve calls Erin to fill her in. He tells her they did not find the tunnel in her hole. Erin will have to calculate a new drilling location. At the Pine Tar Kiln, a new quadrant starts being dug layer by layer. Another spot has charcoal. Back at the “beach,” Gary gets another hit. The hole also has a piece of wood. But as Gary digs deeper, he finds two pieces of wood notched and connected together using the notch. He wonders if it’s the top of a shaft. He uncovers more of it and finds several pieces of timber. Laird drives over. Rick and Alex also join them. The timbers hit on the metal detector because there are iron pieces holding it to together. Rick thinks it might be another slipway. They call Marty with the find too. They have a meeting in the war room with Scott Barlow the project manager of Oak Island Tours and others regarding this newfound feature. Marty is excited to see the entire feature uncovered. Irving has been contracted to build a coffer dame around the southeast portion of the swamp so it can be drained and investigated. Marty wants to start by digging where they can, they can always expand. Marty has now joined the swamp bandwagon.

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