The Curse of Oak Island S08, Ep01 – Remote Control

Show: The Curse of Oak Island

Season: 8 Episode: 1

Title: Remote Control

Original Air Date: November 10, 2020

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The beginning of the season has been halted due to coronavirus. Marty has a meeting at his office with Craig, Jack, Rick and Alex. They are not on the island, while the rest are. They do a video meeting with everyone, as all members are forced to distance. Tom Nolan gives them an update to how the Canadian government is handling the island and it’s area. Dr. Spooner (the swamp expert) speaks next. He has a new sonar rig that he is going to use on the swamp. He has compared a 1945 picture document with current materials to compare features. Gary is going to use a deep scanning machine. It can scan 60 feet deep. C1 and the shiny gold object is discussed. Doug has made a find in Dan Blankenship’s archives. He’s been isolated on the island for four months. He found two survey maps that indicate tunnels under Lot 15. Four possible non-ferrous targets on the island and they were never investigated. Doug and Charles meet diver Mike Huntley at C1. The water has settled and visibility should be much better. Mike has a deep water rated high definition camera. This bore hole has a cavity at around 173 feet. The camera is lowered down into the water in C1. Rick, Marty and Craig have a video call with Irving. The US border is closed so Irving can’t get to Oak Island right now. Iriving gives a video for a new dig method that would allow them to excavate the whole money pit area. It would be a honeycomb pattern and the entire area can be drilled with 8 foot diameter casings. Marty wants to think about the honeycomb option. He also wants to know how they would deal with the spoils from so many excavations. Back at C1, the camera continues down slowly. It makes it all the way to the bottom of the casing. The water at the bottom is very clear. He rotates the camera around to see the whole area. They think it’s gold. It is a triangular shape so it’s not natural. They continue with the camera search of the hole. Mike spots what looks like more gold. The camera continues and another spot is located. Visibility in the hole starts to get worse so they stop. That afternoon, the group has a video call. Charlies shows them the video of the three finds. Craig wonders if it is man made or possibly natural. He called Terry to confirm that there is no other material in the area that would look like gold. Mike confirms those hits are in the same areas that his metal detector went off in when he was diving. On the island, they set up a dive on C1. Mike wasn’t available so they got another dive team to do it, RMI Marine. Many of the team members are set to watching remotely. A hyperbaric chamber is also set up in case the diver gets the bends. The diver gets lowered 40 feet in a cage. Then he will open the bottom, exit and go the rest of the way himself to find and extract the three targets. He’s lowered to 40 feet and then everything stops. He’s allowed to leave the basket. He heads down the tube. As he gets deeper the water is clearer. He’s at 90 feet with good visibility. He reaches the bottom of the case. He’s at around 144 feet. He finds something, they think it’s coin. He has removed it but he dropped it. The second target is then looked for. He gets samples. He heads back topside. Once out he goes into the hyperbaric chamber for 22 minutes. Charles removes all the samples from the bag. None of it is gold or the objects spotted prior. Rick points out all is not lost. If items fell to the bottom they can use an airlift to bring it up. Three days later, the team in the US is allowed to travel to Canada but they must quarantine themselves for 14 days. The team video chats again. Laird provides an update on Lot 15. The lead archeologist will be a MacIinnis with Aaron Taylor. They will investigate the two rock walls that just lead into the hill. Dr. Spooner is ready to scan the swamp as well. He will be working on the paved area. As well as something on the southeastern edge of the swamp. It’s about 10 feet down. There could artifacts as well because its in front of the paved area. They do wonder if this might be the shaft that Fred Nolan had seen in the swamp. David MccInnis begins to dig at Oak Island. Laird is brought up to date on what has been found so far. Charcoal has been found and will be dated. Nails have been found too. David says the nails date the disturbed layer. Taylor finds slag. It’s found in a foundry or smelting location. Laird is quite excited about Lot 15. David thinks it could indicate an iron forge or a blacksmith shop on the island. Another video chat takes place to update the people quarantined. Rick asks David if he is related and he explains that he is. He gives a presentation. There are two mounds next to the depression. There are nails and slag already found. David states it’s not a natural structure. It’s not a barn or house. Carmen, the blacksmith, thinks it was a tar kiln for ships. He dated it from 1550-1620. It’s an English tar kiln. It was likely government or military. Marty asks if this could be related to treasure or is it just a random find. Laird thinks it ties to Smith’s Cove and the paving in the swamp. Fred had noted it as a tunnel entrance. David says they will be able to determine if there is a tunnel there or not. Three days later, Jack and Gary are already out of quarantine and heading to the island. Gary explains the new equipment can find quite a few things. They go straight to Lot 15. The new detector can find material up to ten feet deep and tunnels and voids up to 60 feet deep. They cannot use it on the stone structure till the dig is concluded, but they do plan to scan the rest of the lot. Using data from the Berringer survey, Doug and Steve start to mark out locations from it. They hammer decent sticks in the ground at the spots on the map. Steve is certain if he maps out a continued straight line it will go straight to the rock formation. The running theory is that is the entrance to the tunnel and treasure vault. Another video call takes place. Steve shows the Berringer Survey. Lot 15 is exactly 500 feet from the paved area and the money pit. That same day, Dr. Spooner is at the swamp with diver Tony Sampson. He tells Tony what he has found and wants to investigate. He wants to figure out if the strange wooden anomaly actually exists. The two each get set up. They load the boat and sonar. They decide on a pattern to move the boat in to chart it all. The signal is going down about three to four meters. He sees a lot of logs at about a meter followed by a big drop off that he thinks is a wall. There is a possible wooden feature buried in the swamp. Dr. Spooner says that the data means that if people were there they made use of this site. Back at the tar kiln the digging continues. Gary and Jack go back to Lot 15 as well to continue scanning. Gary points out circular rocks that he does not think are natural. It may be a structure. It’s 100 feet from the tar kiln. Gary calls a stop, he wants the archeologist can evaluate it. Gary takes a look at the data. There is a lot of ferrous material. There is a large amount of metal in this area. There is non-ferrous as well that is likely coins. Now Gary gets out his standard metal detector to try and locate a surface find. He finds a broken ship’s rigging axe. Next, Gary and Jack find an old coin. Its very old, not a perfect circle and has a square hole in the middle. Gary thinks it came from around the 1600s. The pair go to see Charles. Gary tells him it’s a top pocket find and they need to get everyone on a video call. Gary teases that he won’t show them the finds until they are out of quarantine.

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