The Golden Girls S02, Ep22 – Diamond in the Rough

Show: The Golden Girls

Season: 2

Episode: 22

Title: Diamond in the Rough

Original Air Date: March 21, 1987

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Favorite Quotes:

* Rose: I did learn that baked Alaska can actually be cooked locally.

Dorothy: Rose, I have an even bigger scoop for you. Mars Bars are made right here on earth.

* Jake: I’ve been just about everywhere there is and all my years in the Navy I’ve never met anyone like you.

Blanche: Well, in all my years dating the Navy, I never met anybody like you.

* Rose: Blanche, sometimes you act just like a woman I knew in St. Olaf.

Sophia: Please no one say, “what woman?”

* Blanche: I’m just a stupid old fool sitting up all night with a broken heart.


Sophia is trying to negotiate with vendors for the banquet. Rose comes out of the kitchen complaining that is stuffed from trying food from ten caterers for the banquet. But none are right for the banquet. Blanche comes in and tells them where the banquet will be held. It’s a very upscale place and they freak out because it’s well outside of their budget. She got the room at a discount. Rose says a caterer is dropping by this afternoon. Dorothy asks Blanche about a band. Blanche thought Rose was getting the band. Dorothy is worried. The doorbell rings and it’s the caterer. Blanche is attracted to the caterer, Jake. She asks if he is married. All three girls are smitten. They finally ask about food. Before he leaves, Blanche makes a date with him. The three have a little dust up because Blanche went after Jake so quickly without giving the other two a chance. He takes her to a restaurant that she is not impressed with. He flirts with her and she calms down. As they flirt, she discovers a tattoo of a nose on his arm. They toast and get ready to eat the clam chowder. He kisses her to warm up her lips first. Back at the house, Rose and Dorothy audition an accordion player. They are not impressed and try to cut him off. He describes his finale. Dorothy ushers him out. Rose starts to panic because they don’t have a band. So they go to the kitchen for cheesecake. Sophia is getting water, she’s dry from licking envelopes and stamps. Blanche comes in the kitchen. Jake is late. Blanche is not happy. She brings up things that bother her. Sophia comes in and brings Jake. He’s filthy. He fixed a ladies’ transmission on the side of the road. Rose starts to tell a story. Jake begs Blanche’s forgiveness. He describes a picnic on the beach. She agrees and forgives him. Another day and Dorothy is worried about invitations. A section of the alphabet have not responded. Sophia might have mailed her shoes instead. Rose tells them she got a jazz band for the banquet. Rose and Dorothy argue about dates for the banquet. Blanche comes in upset because Jake is half an hour late. She has a different date for the banquet than Jake. Rose is upset at her. So is Dorothy. The doorbell rings. It’s Jake. He gives her a kiss. He asks to be alone with her. She thinks he wants to be with her. But no he wants to ask her something. Dorothy drags her mother and Rose to the kitchen. She misunderstands and tells him their relationship can only go so far because they come from two different worlds. He’s a bit shocked. What she said still answered his question as he was going to ask her to marry him. Blanche is completely shocked. Dorothy finds Rose in the kitchen. She keeps having nightmares about the banquet. Sophia joins them. They start talking about sleeping to escape stressful situations. They start discussing Jake and how special he is and how dumb Blanche was. They tell her to call him. Blanche says their differences would eventually drive them apart. Sophia tells them that she was set up with Sal. She stood on a rock and that’s how she got him. Rose says if she got a second chance, she’d want someone different than Charlie. Then Blanche asks Dorothy what kind of man she’d like the second time around. Blanche can’t answer the question. Blanche gives this big speech about her prince coming one day. It’s now the banquet night. Dorothy notices the all-female jazz band is actually men. Sophia comes over and talks about it loudly. The food is great. Jake is by the dessert. He looks great. Blanche now wants to go after Jake and get him back. Blanche goes to the dessert table to speak with Jake. She tells him she made a mistake; she was wrong. He tells her she was right though. He’s happy as he is. He kisses her lightly and tells her goodbye. She is shocked. That night Blanche is on the couch crying. She admits she’s not as young as she use to be and suitors aren’t lined up for her. Dorothy tries to comfort her with a pep talk. It works and Blanche thanks her.

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