The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep20 – Springing the Trap

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 20
Title: Springing the Trap
Original Air Date: April 7, 2020

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Synopsis: Marty goes to the money pit to get an update. They are around 75 feet depth. This is the second tunnel Eight A. Vanessa checks in and tells them they are about 78 feet and pulling out a lot of boulders. These casing are now 8 feet wide instead of 5 feet wide. Rick, Alex, Gary and Billy continue to work at the eye of the swamp. Gary spots more rock set in clay just like the paved area. Gary metal detects and finds another cribbing spike like what he found in Smith’s Cove. Then a second cribbing spike is found as well. He can’t put an age on the spikes and want Carmen Legge to check them out. Gary gets another hit. This time it’s a bucket handle. Alex visually spots some wood that looks axe cut and burnt. Gary tells Alex he should call his dad and Rick. The pair join them at the swamp. The next morning a group of the team check in with Vanessa. 101 feet for the casing and 96 feet for excavation. They hope to be within 10-15 feet of an answer. Suddenly, something is not right, the pressures are staying high. The driller thinks its wood. It’s at 2500 pounds of pressure, which is about double what it should need. Vanessa lets the guys know that at 101 feet the pressures are building up higher pressure. They are going to try and advance through whatever is being cut. The next grab does indeed have a lot of wood. They have broken into a tunnel. Everyone starts to get excited. The next grab also has a lot of wood in it. The speculate that they have hit the roof. This is the third grab in a row and still a lot of wood. Rick feels this is shaft six. Meanwhile, jack and a few others are going through spoils and find pieces of leather. Vanessa lets them know the next grab is from 114 feet. There are massive timbers in this grab. It’s hand hewn. The wood seems to be oak so they wonder if they have found the money pit. Gary gets a hit in the grab dump. Marty tries to dig it out. It looks like an old sewing needle. “That’s a needle in a clay stack.” Marty, Alex and Gary head to Carmen Legge to get his opinion on their finds. He’s excited. He tells them the two suspected crib spikes are not. One came from a seafork and is a tine or a rod, the other smaller piece is tapered on both ends. It’s likely a marlinspike to splice rope lines and attaching sails. Marty says the evidence is adding up that it was once an open shipping lane before it was a swamp. Gary hands him what he thought was a needle. He can’t identify it based on the depth it was found out. He is able to tell them these were sometimes used in boobytraps. He sees that it looks like something was wrapped around it and it was interested into something. He says 1500s to middle 1700s. Back at the money pit, the group grows to watch the hammer grab and what it pulls up. Gary metal detects and gets nothing. Vanessa tells them they are around 155 feet. Near Smith’s Cove, jack is going through the spoils along with another person. He finds something. Jack thinks it is something good. He thinks its old hand forged metal that could be part of a hinge. Laird joins them to check on their progress. He takes a look and thinks it could be part of a strap hinge. He tells them to find more. Back at the money pit, Terry tells them that they’ve gone past whatever they might have found based on the type of rock coming up. But there is no more wood now. Rick tells Vanessa to go ten more feet then call it. Marty says they found part of the collapse zone but not enough.

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