The Nanny S02, Ep24 – Strange Bedfellows

Show: The Nanny

Season: 2

Episode: 24

Title: Strange Bedfellows

Original Air Date: May 8, 1995

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Favorite Quotes:

* Niles: Why would anyone buy a fake cake?

Fran: Everyone is going to oo and aw and say not for me I’m on a diet. This way I can use it again, plus I can take it on the bus.

* Fran and Mona: Hey moron, scoop that poop!!

* CC: Congratulations, Mona?

Fran: Mona’s your Hebrew name.

* Fran: I don’t know what they put in a pink squirrel but I don’t know how squirrels hold onto their nuts.

* Niles: Oh what are you doing here? The sun is up.

* CC: How’s Maxwell? Is he feeling any better?

Niles: Well I think so yes. He took a wonderful Jewish remedy last night.

* Max: CC! CC what the devil are you doing in here?

CC: What am I doing here? What is she doing here?

* Max: Miss Fine, there has to be a perfectly rational explanation to all this but with you that’s so rarely the case.


Fran shows Niles a Plaster of Paris cake. He does not understand why she’d buy a fake cake. Fran tells him everyone will say they are on a diet and not eat it anyway and its reusable. Her friend Mona is retiring. Maggie comes in and asks where Brighton is and she doesn’t know. Fran shows off the cake at the park. No one wants any they are on a diet. Mona arrives. They yell happy retirement to Mona but she’s not happy. She is very angry. Fran asks her if she changed her perfume. She did not. The boss is turning her room into a cedar closet. Then they talk about the huge party at the Waldorf for her. Apparently, her charge is now in his residency at a local hospital. Mona tells her life story and it’s eerily similar to Fran’s. Fran says she has a skill she can fall back on. Then Mona talks about working in a bridal shop. Mona wants the cake after all. Mona figures out its Plaster of Paris and says she use to do that too. Fran runs screaming. Back at the house, CC is bugging Niles to tell her what Max got her for her birthday. She tries to bribe him but he wants her age. Fran comes back with the Vicki Carr cd in her mouth. CC thinks it’s a birthday present for her and Fran is fine with that. Fran vents to Niles. Grace comes down asking about her math book. Fran tells her she should stay in 4th grade for a while. It’s the night of the party and Fran comes down stairs in a sparkly yellow dress. Max comes down asking about his cold medicine. Max jokes about the dress. He heads back upstairs. The doorbell rings. It’s Mona. She’s in a bright magenta-ish dress. Mona tells her she doesn’t have to go back to Queens. She is going to go live with her mother and grandmother. It sounds depressing and Fran looks like she’s about to puke. Mona plants some seeds of worry in Fran’s head. Later, Fran comes back very drunk. She makes it upstairs but walks into a tree. She goes into Max’s room and doesn’t realize it. She starts to undress but falls off the bench. Max is still asleep. She comes out of a room in a nightie and gets in bed. She still doesn’t realize that she got in bed with Max. Next morning, Niles finds them. He opens the drapes, smiles and then closes them. He exits the room but not before throwing some rose petals. He’s happily singing downstairs. CC walks into the kitchen, spoiling Nile’s happy mood. She reminds him its her birthday. She asks how Max is feeling. He thinks he’s feeling better. Niles tricks CC into bringing Max his tray. She takes the tray up and puts it down to open the drapes. Once open she sees the two in bed and screams. He yells at CC. He turns her over to find Miss Fine. She thinks it’s a dream. Then she touches him and freaks out. Niles starts to sing “Happy birthday” to CC. Fran explains what happened last night. She has a meltdown worrying about the future. They aren’t sure if they did anything. She tells him her ears don’t itch so she knows they didn’t do anything. She tells him her ears always itch the next day. His thing is singing Georgie Girl. In his office that night, Max feels bad about what happened to CC on her birthday. He asks Niles what’s wrong with Miss Fine. He tells her Miss Fine is worried about her future. But Max keeps misunderstanding. So Niles spells it out. Brighton finds Fran on the couch trying to draw Blinky. The doorbell rings and its Mona. She tells Fran she’s getting married. Her boss proposed. Fran’s happy for her. And the cedar closet she smelled like, it was actually for her. Max comes downstairs and tries to talk to Fran. Niles brings out champagne. And lowers the lights. Max tells her he wants to take care of her for her for the rest of her life. She rips off a ring. He wants to buy her a condo for her retirement. She’s upset and happy at the same time. Niles is just frustrated. The agree nothing happened last night, but then her ears start to itch and he starts to sing his song. They both look horrified.

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