The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep19 – Lords of the Ring

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 19
Title: Lords of the Ring
Original Air Date: March 31, 2020

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Synopsis: At the money pit the digging is under way. The hammer grab comes up and there is a lot of wood visible. The casing is at about 50 feet. It’s taking longer because they are also digging through the Heddon Shaft. They are waiting to get below the Heddon shaft. This hole has been called OC1. Rick wants to find pieces of wood big enough to dendro test. That afternoon, Gary and Rick go to the triangle shaped swamp to metal detect. He’s detecting an area he’s never been able to access before because it’s always been under water. He gets a hit. Rick works on digging it up. Gary gets out his pinpointed to locate it. It’s a tin can lid. Just feet away he gets another hit. Gary gleefully yells. It’s a ring. It’s a top pocket find. Gary is super excited. The pair head to the research center to show off the ring they found. Marty is impressed. Laird suggests looking at it under the microscope. Laird and Kelly think the white bits on the ring are silver. The different color corrosion is pointed out. It’s a copper alloy of some sort. The next day, Rick, Craig and Terry head to the money pit for an update. They are at about 100 feet of depth. Gary has been detecting spoils. Everything will go through the shaker/separator they have near by. Rick is excited because he doesn’t know what to expect to be pulled up from this hole. They are sorting all the wood. A lot of this wood will be sent for dendro testing. But now something weird is hanging out of the hammer grab. Everyone is excited about this because they’ve not seen anything like this before. They think it’s the 6 foot metal shield that Heddon used to protect his shaft from flooding. The casing is now past the Heddon Shaft and everyone is watching. Rick heads to the sorting/wash station. He’s told only pottery and glass so far. One of the people sorting thinks they’ve found bone, possibly human. The professor they sent pictures of the ring to has information on the ring for them. He says there was one repair to make the ring bigger and a second to make it smaller. He confirms there is silver and copper. The design is hand made and has been chiseled. It’s pre 1730s. He thinks European or Spanish. Gary starts detecting the new spoils pile. They find the top or bottom of a barrel. Now they are around 147 feet deep. The hammer grab comes up with wood. It’s hand hewn. They suspect it’s original. Here comes the next hammer grab. Gary detects it and comes up with nothing. They are now at 158. They are almost at the bedrock. They ask for one more hammer grab. It’s a disappointment. Dave, Rick and Doug go to Dad Blankenship’s house, now owned by Dan’s daughter. She tells them to take their time and enjoy. There is so much to go though. Doug finds a copy of a map he’s never seen. Rick lets the research team know that a new area to drill a hole has to be picked today. Doug shows them the map he found. It’s got another shaft on it. They can use it to triangulate better. The surveyor is tasked with trying to plot this map out to narrow down a drilling site. In the money pit area, they’ve picked a new site to drill. Vanessa says she should be able to get the can to 40 or so feet, but it might not be hammer grabbed that deep. The first hammer grab is emptied.

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