Wonder Woman comic book 1943 issue 5 (story 4)

Psycho is in prison awaiting his execution. He needs a medium to materialize a human body. He doesn’t have his wife, but his secretary is there. Pyscho goes to the warden’s office wishing to confess. Before he confesses he wishes to speak with his former secretary. The warden thinks the confession involves her. Joan White is brought up. She’s frantic that Pyscho controls her mind and does not want to see him. The warden thinks its nonsense and insists. He hypnotizes her and puts her in a trance. He can materialize any body he chooses now. Later, Joan is unconscious and Pyscho is writing a confession in his cell. The warden sends for a doctor. Guard Regan locates the doctor at his house, not inside the prison. He tells him Pyshco is dead in his cell. Hours later, a safe distance from the prison, Regan transforms into Psycho. He decides to keep his dead body materialized until it’s buried. But Wonder Woman doesn’t believe he’s dead. Diana excuses herself from the office, changes into Wonder Woman and heads to the burial as fast as she can. She jumps the wall as the guards shoot at her. They stop when the realize its a waste of time. Wonder Woman looks at the body and sees it to be Pyshco. But she wants to stay till he’s buried. Later, Wonder Woman gets a letter through the warden. It’s weird note for her. She realizes Psycho wrote the letter. She decodes it and it’s a threat against Steve. She goes to the officer’s quarters to find Steve, but he’s not there. She suddenly sees him as he is throwing someone out. He then tells him he will die in his office at 11am tomorrow. Wonder Woman tries to catch the visitor but strangely he is faster than her. Steve tells her is a professional murderer who’s services he refused. The man told him he’d die tomorrow at 11am. Wonder Woman decides to take precautions. She calls the Colonel to ask for precautions. He agrees. At 11am the next day a woman comes in and says Buenos Noches is there to see him. The Colonel wants him searched. He is searched and they only found a pen and pencil. Diana doesn’t want him allowed in, but the Colonel doesn’t think he can harm Steve without a weapon. The senior comments that all these people have come to see Major Trevor die. The Colonel still thinks it’s a joke. He hands Steve a paper and tells him that it says how he will die. Will he read it and sign it if he approves of it. The pen rolls off the paper as he picks it up, he sees it’s blank. The senior says it’s blank because he brushed it off. Diana senses something. She tells Lila not to touch the fountain pen, but she ignores her. She picks it up and it explodes. Diana got Steve out of the way just in time. The senior is impressed that Diana figured out the riddle and the pen. The Colonel tries to arrest him. He asks if he can give Steve the pencil bomb. The Colonel shoots him and he starts to disappear. Diana finds a letter addressed to Steve. She opens it for his safety. It’s a rhyme. She realizes something is in Psycho’s grave and it must be dug up. She quickly changes and calls Etta. She asks her to get to the airport and Steve’s plane. Steve arrives to find Wonder Woman fueling his plane. They get there and Steve can’t land. The wheels have fallen off. So Wonder Woman jumps into action as the emergency landing gear. Shee will run with the plane and slow down gradually. She brings it to a stop and a bunch of guys rush out to help hold up the plane. Buenos Noches thinks they crashed. He’ll be surprised to see them. She asks Etta to go to the prison, look for a woman in a trance, and wake her. Wonder Woman grabs a shovel and goes to the grave. She digs it up. Finds the seal is not broken, but it’s empty. The body that was buried was made of ectoplasm and when the gave was closed Pyscho dematerialized it. Behind her Guard Regan approaches but Wonder Woman does not hear him. He knocks her out. He buries her alive. Etta goes to the warden to find the woman in a trance. She finds her “dead to the world” in her cell. Etta asks for a pitcher of water and handcuffs. She is handcuffed to the bars with her hands above her head. The muscle strain should help wake her. So should a pitcher of ice water. She wakes her up. Wonder Woman also wakes up and realizes she’s buried alive. She bursts out of the ground. “Guard Regan” is still there waiting. As Joan wakes up and feels like herself, Regan turns back into Pyshco. Wonder Woman catches him with her lasso. The Warden is confused. Wonder Woman explains. Pycho confesses.

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