The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep18 – The Turning Point

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 18
Title: The Turning Point
Original Air Date: March 24, 2020

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Synopsis: The new drilling cans are rolling onto the island. Everyone is excited to see Vanessa and Roc equipment. The are 8 feet in diameter. She brought enough cans to get to about 202 feet deep. She brought new teeth as well. The starter can weighs double the previous one. Both Iriving and Roc start setting up their equipment. Rick heads to the swamp. Dr. Spooner is a bit frustrated with what he is finding. Dr. Spooner says he’s getting high mercury and lead at the eye of the swamp. He’s never seen anything like this before. Per Rick, it links to Sir Francis Bacon who used mercury to preserve documents. Rick is now curious how deep it was originally dug. Everyone arrives at the money pit area. Introductions happen with a new archeologist who works with Dr. Spooner. This new doctor jumps into the swamp to take a closer look. He and Dr. Spooner have a quite a conversation. He wants to excavate the area to get a better look. So Billy jumps in the excavator to clean the area up. His archeologist says it’s not 10,000 years old, its man-made. Dr. Spooner thinks the eye was excavated to mine clay. Based on what Aaron is saying, the blue clay in the money pit could be from the swamp. He says it’s the most complex site he’s ever been too. The team meets at the pub. Marty recaps that 5 experts from 4 disciplines all say the swamp is man-made. At the money pit, several team members meet at the drill sight with Vanessa. The next day the should be able to start drilling. The new oscillator arrives as well. It was custom build in South Korea. It’s 110,000 pounds, the previous one was only 64,000 pounds. The new hammer grab tool is also much bigger. Roc is using a 220 ton crane to move it into position. Most of the team moves back to the swamp. They plan to try and keep uncovering as much of the stones and paved area that they can. Gary is trying to metal detect each bucket dump. Jack notices water is rushing in pretty quickly. It’s a good amount of water. Billy spots where the water is coming in at. They might have found another part of the paved structure. Craig suggests getting a water sample to try and figure out where the water is coming from. Rick actually tries the water. He says it’s a little brackish. Terry the geologist comes over to see what’s going on. It could be an unknown booby trap or it could be a natural water table they have discovered. They want to put a few pumps in the spot and have Dr. Spooner take a look at it. On Lot 25, Samuel Ball’s lot, they have brought the ground penetrating radar guys back to do a search. Laird made the GPR search possible on this lot, just as he did on the McGinnis lot. Dr. Spooner is back. Rick and Billy explain what they saw and wanted him to look at. He thinks it’s the same as the paved area. Back on lot 25, they eagerly await results. Laird gets called over to see something. The radar expert has found two walls buried below. Now the grid gets extended to the east. They finish for the day. Another anomaly has been found. Laird will use this data to apply for a permit to test excavate. The entire team is at the money pit for the start of the new drilling in the money pit. Rick says David Blankenhip and Dan Henske should start the drill. Dave was thinking of his dad when he pushed the start, as last year it was his dad who pushed it.

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