The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep17 – To Boulderly Go

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 17
Title: To Boulderly Go
Original Air Date: March 17, 2020

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Synopsis: They are back in the swamp, with the swamp expert, Dr. Spooner. They discuss some of what’s been found so far. The most intriguing is a stone that looks very similar to those that make up Nolan’s Cross. Dr. Spooner thinks it looks like the paved area. Laird joins them. Dr. Spooner says it was built and then filled in very quickly. Laird gives the ok to take off a layer. Marty is at his vineyard and having a video conference with Irving. The permit for the coffer dam in Smith’s Cove expires in a month and if they can’t get it extended they have to have the entire coffer dam removed. Irving says it will take a good three weeks to remove and haul off the island. Searching in the Cove and Uplands will have to be suspended. Marty tells him what they found in the Uplands so he can tell everyone at Irving. Back at the Uplands, they continue to dig while they still have time. As they dig, they aren’t certain if it’s just marks from the bucket in the clay or something more. They have found a shaft wall. They have to carefully expose enough of it to determine if it’s original or searcher. Alex and Peter go to Lot 21. Laird and another person are doing a proper dig of the McGinnis Foundation. It’s a full archeological and forensic dig. There’s a possible subbasement they are interested to see. Laird has found a wall. Later that day, some people meet in the war room for more test results. The lead discovered a week ago. The scientist says it’s a weird piece of lead. It has mercury and tin. He’s never seen lead alloyed with mercury and tin. There’s a theory that Sir Francis Bacon used mercury to preserve documents. He has determined the lead comes from the area of Greece. Rick and Craig go to Lot 21. Laird says it was most likely a trap door. It’s the first time he’s seen a cellar with a trapdoor kind of entrance. He also found a bone knife. He thinks 1700s is where the knife dates to. It’s very ornate. The home turns out to be much larger than it was originally thought. To dig deeper he needs to apply for an expanded permit. Back in the Uplands, Rick and Terry check on progress. Rick asks him to dig just above the shaft wall to see how far it goes. Billy pulls up a pretty big beam. Terry said its all hand hewn with an axe. It matches the U shaped structure. Rick actually gets in the bucket and Billy lowers him down into the hole very slowly and carefully so he can take a closer look. He can’t tell if it’s wood or just clay. But the side is starting to cave away. Marty and Craig join everyone in the Uplands. Marty is surprised by the size of the hole. It’s the last day they can work there as the next day the coffer dam will be removed. All the wood they have pulled up is examined. Marty thinks its either turn of the century or original. He wants everything dendro tested. Rick asks Billy if he’s dug past wood now. He does a few more test digs to make sure. Billy says he’s struck something and asks them to check. Marty gets harnessed up for safety so he can get close to the hole and look. Marty lays to look down. He sees a tunnel going to the left and he thinks its about 15 feet off the bottom. Parts start caving in. Rick suggests mounting a camera on the side of the bucket. The view from this camera is pretty crazy. It’s full HD. They see wood everywhere. There’s a structure on the left wall. They find some kind of tunnel but its not braced well. The whole team meets in the war room to discuss the Uplands. They show the video they shot in the hole first. Everything in that shot of a possible tunnel or shaft is discussed. There’s a lot of rocks as well. Marty thinks that and the U structure are original. The dendro test will tell. They think that this might be the original flood tunnel. Working in Smith’s Cove and the Uplands has to be suspended for the remainder of the season. It’s the next day and Irving has arrived to start pulling the sheets out of the coffer dam. As the first piece is pulled, water starts to come back in. The bump out is being removed first.

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