The Curse of Oak Island S07, Ep16 – Water Logged

Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Season: 7
Episode: 16
Title: Water Logged
Original Air Date: March 10, 2020

Synopsis: The team continues to dig in the Uplands. Billy pulls up another timber. These are really big. You can actually see the wall of the shaft as well. Gary jumps in to do some metal detecting. He finds an old spike. Then jumps out to let the digging continue. Gary sees another big iron spike. In the war room, Marty and Craig join them via video chat. They got a report on the seismic. There is something off the southeastern side of the cave in pit. There are some tunnels. One runs towards the money pit area. It’s about 60 feet deep. A big excavator is brought onto the island. Marty is excited to try out this long reach excavator. Billy runs the long one and gets to 50 feet of depth. Jack and Craig try to take a peek down this big, big hole. He starts getting wood. Water starts to come into the hole. Jack is overjoyed. They call Marty and Rick. Marty is impressed with the amount of water. He’s curious if it is fresh or saltwater. The water flow is causing parts of the hole to cave in. Rick tells Billy to put enough backfill in the hole to stabilize it. They head back to the swamp, to the eye. They start to drain water with a pump and also use the swamp excavator to dredge off water. Rick and Gary go to Lot 17. The coastline got pretty messed up from the hurricane. So they hope that some new artifacts might be found. He finds a possible piece of lead. The next day everyone is in the eye of the swamp. As much water has been pumped out. They start digging up the sludge and it’s not what they expected. There’s a big rock and a lot of blue clay. This is the first time they’ve seen blue clay in the swamp, it’s always been gray. This clay is also attacked to the stone. They find a tree stump in the eye of the swamp. Rick finds another stump. It tells them that this wasn’t always a swamp as trees don’t grow under water. Gary starts metal detecting some of the dryer area. He finds a big clump of iron attached to the side of the trunk. He thinks its an iron rod. Craig, Alex and Charlies head back to Dr. Brosseau to analyze the spikes they found. They are hoping the predate the money pit discovery. The spikes will be examined with a special microscope. The analysis shows phosphorus and it’s likely pre-1840s. It might be original. The second spike comes back the same. The team meets up at the pub. Everyone is pretty excited to learn that it’s pre1840s and has phosphorus in it. They want to find out where the spikes originated. Back in the eye, they are trying to find the large rocks. Billy comes across some boulders so big that striking them causes smoke. These are massive. You can see where the excavator bucket has struck them. Billy tries to clean some of the muck out so they can access them easier. They also discover stacked rocks. It’s decided that they halt. The swamp expert will be brought in to take a look.

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