Wonder Woman comic book 1943 issue 4 (story four)

Diana is about to fall asleep on a Saturday night when her mental radio goes off. It’s her mother. She instructs her to come immediately to Paradise Island with Paula. Paula is to be initiated into Aphrodite’s service. She changes and goes to fetch Paula. She tells her the news. Paula is delighted. Paula asks to bring the slaves that she has here with her. Wonder Woman says it’s her choice. So she tells them they can choose to come with her or have their freedom. One chooses freedom the other two wish to go with her. The one who chose freedom slaps Paula. Wonder Woman regrets not taking her to Reform Island. Paula tells Wonder Woman she can use her car. However, Mavis wants revenge. She manages to get into the trunk inside the cars trunk. Once on the island, the Queen greets them personally. Paula is presented to the goddess. Paula is taken to have her wrist and ankle bracelets put on. Paula then goes to visit her daughter, Greta, at the College of Athena. He daughter notices the bracelets. Paula tells her they’ll keep her safe in the world of men. Paula then goes to walk on pebbles to the fountain of knowledge. Mavis, the stowaway seeking revenge, goes for Greta. Mavis steals Wonder Woman’s plane and kidnaps the girl. The Goddess also rebuke’s Wonder Woman for not taking control or responsibility in two situations. Wonder Woman figures it’s the freed slave girl causing problems. She heads to the air field to go find her. She is surprised when she finds her plane gone. She is told a slave girl without chains and a small child were in it. Wonder Woman puts two and two together about Mavis. She borrows a different plane. It’s not as fast as hers. She gets back to America but finds no trace. She goes to the Colonel for help. He does a nationwide dragnet but gets no results. A report comes in that the Atlantic fleet is being bombed by an invisible plane. It’s damaged three battleships. Diana asks Steve to take her up in his plane. Steve is curious what her idea is but she says they have to wait till the bombings begin again. She sees a bomb fall and directs Steve to bank left and go up 3000 feet. Another bomb drops and nearly hits their plane. She excuses herself and transforms to Wonder Woman. She’ll have to figure out what to tell Steve. She realizes her lasso is back in the office. Suddenly, the nose of the plane is gone, Steve has fallen out and has to use a parachute. She manages to get out of the plane to see her plane being used to drop the bombs. She manages to jump onto her plane. Mavis is not happy. Wonder Woman asks about Paula’s daughter. Mavis tells her she will have to surrender if she wants to save Gerta. She takes Wonder Woman to a cave. Gerta is brought out and is ok. She chains Wonder Woman the same way Paula did to make her helpless. Mavis takes her back to the plane. She ties Wonder Woman to bomb that she is going to drop on a battleship. She then starts to tie the child to bomb too. Wonder Woman begs her to spare Gerta. She decides to return her to Paula on Reform Island but to drop Gerta from a plane at Paula’s feet. Wonder Woman tries to chew through Gerta’s bonds. Once Gerta is free, she gets a file out of the emergency kit. Gerta and Wonder Woman sing to cover the sounds of her filing through the chains. Mavis doesn’t like it and pulls the lever for the bomb hatch she put in the plane to drop the bomb. Gerta rolls away and stays on the plane while Wonder Woman falls out. Aphrodite comes to Wonder Woman’s aid. She tells her to grab the plans aerial with her teeth. She thanks Aphrodite and unties the bomb from her ankles. Wonder Woman tries to summon to the last of her strength to break the weakened chains around her wrists and succeeds. Her full strength returns. The bomb explodes and Mavis starts to gloat until she finds Wonder Woman standing behind her. Wonder Woman captures Mavis again. Then heads off to Reform Island with Mavis and Gerta. Paula is overjoyed to have her daughter back. Wonder Woman delivers Mavis to Mala for training and informs her that she is her responsibility. Wonder Woman has communicated with Steve and Etta via the mental radio and they go to the Nazi hideout. Etta decides to go in and flush them out for Steve. It works. Diana returns in the middle of her funeral and stops it.

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